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How to rapidly become a master computer programmer.

How to Become a Master Computer Programmer

There are some very powerful secrets behind my success in computer consulting. By using my burning desire to succeed and a proven plan executed on a daily basis, I was able to get my first contract when I had only seven months of "typical" experience. In this article, I reveal some of those secrets.

Do one thing - but do it well
Do one thing and do it well. You must put all your eggs in one basket and burn all your bridges behind you. Shocking? Well, in order to become a success practically overnight, you have to do some drastic things and find a way to keep yourself motivated to succeed.

You must burn some bridges behind you
There might be times when you lose your focus or interest and feel like you don't want to put in any extra effort to achieve your goals. This is why you must burn some bridges behind you. If you leave yourself no place to turn to and the only direction you can go is forward toward becoming an expert computer consultant/programmer, you'll give yourself the leverage you need to drag yourself out of bed and in front of the computer everyday. For example, I left myself with no place to go but forward when I quit my job, took out a loan for school, and purchased a computer, all of which put me into debt. I knew that if I didn't succeed, and fast, I'll have to borrow money from relatives and even have to go back to a low-paying job I hated. It was either succeed or die. You too should find ways to give yourself absolutely no way to go but forward.

Don't reinvent the wheel
In my opinion, if you want to make BIG money and have BIG success, there is absolutely no room for a generalist in computer consulting/ programming. You have to initially put all your eggs in one basket. Now in order to concentrate your experience, you must first of all not reinvent the wheel. This means that you must find experts in the field you want to enter and learn everything they reveal to you. Where can you find experts? In our case, you'll find experts in the form of authors of technical trade books.

It must become second nature
To rapidly become an expert, you have to learn from the experts. Find technical books written by industry experts that have many years of experience and study every word over and over until the information and its use becomes second nature to you. (I repeat: The information and its use must become second nature to you). Most importantly, if possible, find books written by those who were involved with the development of the tool (programming language or development environment) you are using. They have first-hand insight into the technology and its use and as such have an important perspective to reveal.

A fundamental
Along with these books, you should also study books written by those who apply the technology in the same way you will. For example, let's say you will be a contract programmer using C++. In this case, ideally, you need find a book written by a contract programmer or consultant that has many years of experience programming in C++. This is important; for the author will reveal tips and secrets he or she has learned as a result of that experience. This is where you get the opportunity to condense your experience by learning from the experiences of experts - as opposed to just learning the fundamentals from textbooks. But you absolutely must study these books with a fine toothcomb and not let anything go by not understood. You should treat these books as bibles and as textbooks. Get your highlighter, notebook and pencil out and start highlighting every new concept. Make notes in the margins and earmark special pages worth referring to. By the time you finish a book, you should know where everything is without having to refer to the index and the book should be physically worn out. I know it sounds like a lot, but I have done this procedure with thousand-page books. And I've studied each book more than once. This is a fundamental of Rapid Mastery Technology™.

It won't even feel like work
Rapid Mastery Technology™ stresses learning from experts. There is a wealth of information to learn from these experts. In one book you can gain years of experience in just a few months. Think what two, three, and four books can do. This process is what separates the mediocre and the expert. If you are willing to go through with this painstaking, time-consuming and sometimes nerve-racking task, you will not only create a thoroughly rewarding career, you will become rich in the process and by doing something you love. It won't even feel like work. You won't believe you're getting paid tons of money to do something you'd do as a hobby anyway. It's absolutely amazing!

Michael Nigohosian is the author of the award-winning and bestselling series, "The Secret Path to Contract Programming Riches" (available in trade paper, audio CD, and Adobe eBook at major bookstores, Amazon.com and www.mwwcorp.com). He is the creator and instructor for the course "Introduction to Contract Programming." Michael is a veteran computer consultant and also serves as director of Rapid Mastery Technology" at McGillis, Wilcox, Webster & Co., Inc.". For more information, visit www.mwwcorp.com.

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