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Buying a house can help your career in a number of ways.

Why Buying a House is Good For Your Career

Buying a house can be a great decision for your career. Did you know that people can learn a lot about your character flaws, ethics, judgment, management ability, reputation, and naiveté in just a few minutes? It's all available when you give them permission to pull your credit report. The fact that you are a responsible home owner can tie directly into if you get hired or promoted when employers use credit information to make hiring decisions.

A good mortgage company can help improve your credit report and raise your credit scores along with giving you a home, equity, and additional buying power. Why is your credit report so vital? Well, it can reveal what you chose not to reveal in an interview. Things such as:

1) If you have been divorced it will show all of the names you've gone by, and if you negotiated to win the house.

2) If you are stable, it will show all of your addresses to reveal if you're ready to settle down.

3) If you are currently employed, it will show if you haven't been working, and everyone you have worked for.

4) If you've permitted other interviewers, it will show all inquiries, including other employers you've tried.

5) If you are an erratic spender, it will show if you are secure, can be trusted with budgets, funds, and others information as well as your incomes and if you stay within them.

6) If they can't ask your age, the credit report will give them your birth date.

Rather than having your credit report act as another basis for rejecting you, keeping it in mind can strengthen your position to negotiate in a hiring or promotion situation. Home ownership can help by giving an additional reason to accept you.

It is especially important for women to establish a good credit history. They are often at a disadvantage by not starting early to create their financial reputation in school, and often will sacrifice their own scores when they marry and let their husband lead on all recordable transactions.

Do you have debt? Will you steal? Have you been dishonest? Home ownership can help establish employer trust. It demonstrates you can handle cash, authorize spending, and gain access to client sensitive or confidential information without fear of not being able to locate you for accountability.

So take a moment to consider the value to your career and reputation, as well as the property value, when making a decision to buy a home.

Rachel Bondi founded Earning Power after researching and consulting privately on the topic of women's equality in business since 1994. Through research and personal experience she realized that women had fallen into a common feminist misconception, believing that men were not needed to help them advance. She is a technology professional and corporate anthropologist who rose through the ranks at FORTUNE 100 companies only to find herself as the sole woman at the top surrounded by male executives. For more information, visit www.earningpower.org

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