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How to clear out and organize your clothes closet.

How to Organize your Clothes Closet

When nearing the end of any season it is closet clear-out time. Going through and clearing out your closet is probably not something you are looking forward to; however it will be a job that you will be happy to have done.

1. If a garment is not your style or does not fit and you have not worn it for a year, give it away.

2. If the item is your style, fits, is the right color and you are not wearing it put it away for a year and you don't miss it, give it away.

3. Take out all items that you plan to wear 'someday' when it fits, when you have a place to wear it or when it comes back in style.

4. Hang jackets together (in order of color going from light to dark), hang tops and blouses together (in color order), skirts go together and longer items such as dresses should go together and have room to hang.

5. Now that you have taken out all the items that are not needed, make a list of the items you will need to complete an outfit.

6. Take a look at your accessories, scarves, jewelry, belts etc. and remove all that are broken or out of style.

7. Make a list of accessories you will need to complement the items you have left in your closet.

8. Now it is time to decide if which items on your list are number one in importance and those that are number two.

9. Your first list should include items that you are will to pay full price for such as jackets, skirts and pants. These are items that are classic and you will wear for a long time. Consider if you buy a jacket that costs $400 and you wear it 5 times a month it will cost (12 months x 5 = 60 divided into 400) $6.60 in the first year. If you pay the same amount for an evening dress that you wear twice it is $200 per wear. Don't be afraid to spend on a suit because good quality will last a long time.

10. Your second list will include items that are of less importance such as trendy items, T-shirts, shorts, etc.

11. How much should you spend? A rule of thumb is 5% of your income.

Additional Tips

  • Have an outfit that looks great on you and is loose and comfortable for those days when you feel bigger than usual.

  • Buy padded hangers for delicate items.

  • Put belts over hangers.

  • Invest in shoe trees to keep your shoes organized.

Sheila Dicks has been in the fashion industry for more than twenty-five years. Early in her fashion career as a dressmaker, she learned the effect line and design has on appearance. Sheila spent three years in the cosmetics industry and later acquired a diploma in fashion merchandising and two university degrees. As an image consultant, she does wardrobe building and professional dress workshops. For more information, visit: www.SheilasFashion

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