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How freelance copywriters can use their copywriting skills to market their own websites to great effect.

Freelance Copywriting: Marketing Yourself and Your Website - Part 2

As a freelance copywriter, you have ready-made skills at hand that will enable you to market your website in highly effective ways.

By using your most deft copywriting techniques - including sleight of hand and a little keyword juggling - you'll race up Google's rankings faster than you can say 'search engine optimization'!

In so many ways, the freelance copywriter's time has come - thanks largely to the ascendancy of the Internet. For long enough, copywriting was regarded as rather quaint in the so-called 'visual age' where everyone watches TV and is exposed continually to sophisticated packaging and product design.

Today, where the accepted Internet marketing mantra is 'content is king', a freelance copywriter can market his or her website using the same skill-sets that their site is promoting - namely, website copywriting, news releases, article and blog writing. How neat is that?

And how 'neat' is it that freelance copywriters get to practise all this on their clients' projects before a single word has been written in anger for themselves!

If you're relatively new to freelance copywriting - or you've only recently joined the Internet marketing world after a prolonged Rip Van Winkle period - it's important to understand the synergies that exist when using online copywriting methods.

Underlying 'all-things-marketing' on the web - from website copy to articles to blogs to Google AdWords and AdSense - is the assumption that the 'right' keywords are being used in both sufficient quantity and density.

In other words, your copy should be 'optimized' to attract search engine attention to everything you write. Only by being 'visible' in this way can you hope to enjoy respectable rankings for your website.

This in turn may be based on the inbound links from your news releases and articles which again should be targeted, wherever possible, at publishers who are well-ranked in their own right on search engines.

Likewise, it's important to make sure that a specified URL or 'landing page' carries all the relevant keywords to link successfully with a Google AdWords advertising campaign, while the potential revenue which can accrue from AdSense programmes is determined in part by high-paying keywords as well as high site traffic and click-through rates.

The theme of 'optimized' copy and relevant keywords continues remorselessly into the world of article marketing. While the standing of the various online directories is a factor in ranking the quality of inbound links to your website, the uptake of articles by search engines is also related to keyword relevance.

On the face of it, all this may seem like 'connectability' for its own sake and without any underlying rationale. The fact is, a definite structure has evolved to accommodate the various Internet marketing activities and this can be found online in the convenient shape of online directories which act as a repository for websites, articles and blogs.

The thousands of directories on the web represent endless marketing opportunities for freelance copywriters, limited only by the diligence and dedication of the copywriters concerned.

To understand the marketing dynamics of all this activity, it's important to stand back and reflect on the whole search engine phenomenon...

Basically, it's all about matching the needs of searchers with those websites that offer the most relevant products and services. As a freelance copywriter, your website will fit neatly into the grand scheme of things.

Its success - or 'visibility' to search engines - will be determined not only by how well you understand the big picture. It's also to do with appreciating how the various components such as articles, blogs and the rest can be promoted in their own right to best market your website and your expertise as a freelance copywriter.

Mike Beeson is a UK freelance copywriter, PR consultant and journalist specialising in advertising copywriting, media relations, website copywriting and direct marketing. Mike's company, Buzzwords Limited, is located in Knutsford, Cheshire (south Manchester). For more information, visit: Buzzwords.ltd.uk.

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