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Ideas on the best lighting for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet space and more.

Lighting Ideas

As a professional organizer I am always being asked if I have any bright ideas for clients and they are surprised when I suggest improving their lighting. Light and the way it is used has changed the way my clients see everything - including themselves. The effects of lighting is amazing on how we apply makeup, view our computer screen, and highlight artwork in our homes and offices. Lighting provides an almost invisible final touch to any design or system - including organizing systems.

When a client invites me in to organize their wardrobes and closet spaces I often suggest new light bulbs at their bathroom vanities. Most builders install clear vanity globes but these can be harsh and create unflattering shadows under eyes and noses; switch to translucent white ones instead. An ideal solution is to have the mirror lit from the sides--at eye level 30 inches apart and a minimum of 60 watts. In a perfect situation, the lighting would be a continuous strip around the mirror which gives the most even modeling of the face.

Halogen bulbs provide a clean, crisp light that is controllable - perfect when you want bright light for cooking in the kitchen or reading in bed. Halogen bulbs are about $5.00 each and last two years. In addition halogen bulbs come in flame-shaped bulbs for chandeliers and spotlights which point a narrow beam of light on artwork.

With more people working out of their homes, task lighting in home offices has become increasingly important to avoid headaches and eyestrain while sitting at the computer. To eliminate the glare on a monitor a compact florescent bulb is best. This type of bulb diffuses light and doesn't have you "seeing spots". They can cost as much as $10.00 but will last for years and require 75% less energy which saves money on your lighting bill each month. You could save $75.00 per year in energy costs while getting the same amount of light by replacing one 100-watt incandescent bulb with a 25-watt compact florescent bulb. Please note, compact florescent bulbs can not be used with a dimmer switch.

Compact florescent bulbs - in yellow are perfect for the patio because mosquitoes have difficulty seeing yellow. They need to be used in conjuction with white lights and if you are interested in learning more about this tip please contact me via my website and I'll email you the specifics.

If a client loves fine arts or crafting - beading, painting, sewing, scrapbooking I suggest an Ott-lite. Ott lights are sold at office supply stores, craft and sewing stores, and on line. They are "must haves" for folks who want clear, true light. Ott-lites are expensive but worth it--they start at about $100.00. (Local craft and sewing stores offer 40% coupons and this would be an ideal time to take advantage of those). The light from and Ott-lite is designed to let you see colors and details with accuracy.

Lighting is an integral part of your environment and affects the color, safety, security, conveniences, and mood of your home. Change your bulbs and see yourself and your environment in a whole new light--the right light is a bright idea!

Geralin Thomas of METROPOLITAN Organizing is experienced in both residential and home office organizing. She always considers the lifestyle, budget, and personality of each client. Geralin works with homeowners, designers, builders, architects, and businesses creating organized environments and enhancing client's lives. Metropolitan Organizing is located in Cary, NC and can be reached at (919) 380-7718 or via website at: Metropolitan

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