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Ten easy-to-implement ideas for organizing your home with special focus on the foyer or mud room.

Quick Home Organizing Ideas

1. A wire shower caddy is an inexpensive item to hang over a doorknob or on a hook to keep reminders handy for the daily stash and dash: sunscreen, mobile phone, coupons, keys, or sunglasses all remain visible and easy to grab and go.

2. Likewise, over-the-door plastic, pocket shoe holders are great for organizing odds and ends in a mudroom or garage: mittens, hats, lip balm, small packs of tissue in the winter; insect repellent, sunglasses and sunscreen in the summer.

3. Cheerfully colored, child-friendly, wall-mounted rubber straps can be stretched to 38" long and attached to the wall in horizontal strips using drywall anchors. Stack several of them for a colorful, hold-everything drop zone at your kitchen door. (See photo example.)

4. A tiered shoe carousel can do double duty as a mitten dryer in winter, bathing suit dryer in summer, flip flop organizer, and multi-functional addition to any entryway, foyer, mud room or laundry room. It's a truly unique storage solution for keeping things off the floor and using vertical space.

5. A hanging garment bag (like ones used for travel) can be used to store out-of-season gift wrapping supplies. Place tubes of wrapping paper inside the zippered section. The back pockets hold tissue paper and gift bags. The shoe pockets hold scissors, tape, tags and ribbon. Hang it inside a closet to keep floor space clear.

6. If each member of your family has a cell phone or MP3 recharger, hand-held game recharger, computer download cables, etc., then keep each person's cords and cables together with color-coded hair marbles/pony tail bands.

7. Use your children's artwork to wrap presents for close friends and relatives. It will be easier on your heartstrings than tossing it away, and you will declutter your refrigerator door.

8. Free up counter space by creating a "finder binder", a three-ring binder containing the numbers and papers you need to find most often - passwords, lock combinations, kids' school calendars, take-out menus, sports schedules, and often-called phone numbers. Either three-hole punch the documents or slide them into page protectors. Keep it handy.

9. Install a small towel bar behind your door in an entryway to hang scarves, umbrellas, leashes, purses and backpacks using S-rings. Note: Towel bars and S-rings also work well inside kitchen cabinets as a way to store pot lids, and inside a pantry to hang table linens. Put an empty paper towel tube over the bar to keep material from creasing.

10. Hang a hook from the ceiling and slide a shower curtain ring over it. Clip several shower rings together to create a cascading chain. Unclip the rings to hang ties, scarves and umbrellas.

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