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Good print ads still generate revenue for your company.

Print Ads: Do Yours Stand Out?

Remember print ads? Those dusty, musty, fusty old relics of the century past? Well, they're still with us, and if your company isn't running them in newspapers and magazines, they probably should. Despite the ubiquity of commercials on radio and TV; despite the onslaught of banners, pop-ups and all manner of intrusive online ads; newspapers and magazines are, and always will be, a mainstay forum for mainstream advertising.

There's something about the readiness, the handiness, the heft and feel of a magazine or a newspaper that appeals to something in the nature of human beings. Yes, flat screens that glow with vivid colors are attractive. Especially when they're displaying something we specifically asked to see.

But as we page through a magazine or a newspaper over coffee or in a commuter train, we don't mind at all if a surprising or intelligent or just plain appealing ad - even one in black and white - suddenly grabs our attention. We expect it. We secretly look for it. We even welcome it as a break from all the dull gray type we've been slogging through. Why? Because - let's face it - a really good ad is a delight to behold.

Is this the kind of ad your target audience is seeing? Do your ads stop them and make them smile...think...take in your message and make a mental note to look closer at your product or service? Maybe even go to your website for the kind of information that could lead to a sale?

Think carefully about this. If your ad doesn't stand apart, doesn't attract, appeal or delight in some way, the readers you want to capture and bring into your world will simply turn the page and plow on through the dull stuff . . . until they bump into an ad that compels them to stop and pay attention to what may well be your competitor's message.

So take a close look at your company's ads. Do they stand out from the crowd of other ads? Are they different from your competitor's ads in a powerful and relevant way? And most important, do they convey your core message in an engaging, persuasive and winning way?

If so, let them run and run, because those are the kind of ads that can add to your bottom line.

Gary Watson writes ads that add to the bottom line. Gary has worked for clients such as AT&T, Christian Science Monitor, Comdex, Delta Dental, Harvard University Press, Inc Mag, Kodak, McDonald?s, Microsoft and many others. He?s won a lot of readership awards and has a shelf-full of the usual industry awards. To learn more, visit him at

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