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An overview of value-driven marketing.

Value-Driven Marketing

Value-driven marketing, unlike traditional product marketing, has one destination: to create deep, meaningful VALUE in your clients' businesses or lives. With this approach, you become a magnet for new clients and prospects. You cultivate lifetime customer loyalty.

Below are the success principles to such an approach.

1) Value-driven marketing is a mindset ... a fundamental shift in the way you think about marketing.
Value-driven marketing requires a deep desire to serve ... a deep love of your customers. It requires a daily commitment to seek "more ways to add value to your clients' lives/businesses." How are you adding value to your clients' lives or businesses on a daily basis?

2) Value is in "the eye of the beholder."
Value is in "the eye of the beholder." Your prospects and clients -- not you -- determine the "worth" or "value" of your products or services. How do your prospects and clients perceive your value?

3) There are 2 kinds of value: perceived and real value. Both are necessary to grow your business.
Perceived value gets your "foot in the door" and converts prospects to clients. Real value is what keeps your clients coming back. Are you creating both perceived and real value in your marketing efforts?

4) To create value, you must get inside the customer's head.
Creating value requires that you know your prospects and clients inside and out. You must know their emotional "hot buttons," their motivations, their preferences, their decision criteria, etc. Without such knowledge, your marketing efforts are like blowing in the wind. What do you know about your clients and prospects? What additional information do you need to create compelling value for your customer?

5) The more value you can create at each step in the marketing process, the faster you will grow your business.
Marketing is not an event, but a continuum. From lead generation to post sales follow-up, there are hundreds of opportunities to add value. Eg., to generate more leads, you may offer a free report of value to your target market. Where throughout your marketing process are you creating value? What simple ways can you add value to generate more leads, convert more prospects and create greater customer loyalty?

Commit to incorporate these success principles to your marketing efforts and watch your business soar!

Denise Corcoran - CEO, The Empowered Business™ - is a Business and Leadership Coach, Business Strategist, and Master NLP Practitioner. Her latest book is "The Mindset of Greatness: 21 Principles to Unstoppable Success... Oprah Winfrey Style!". Learn the legendary secrets of top business achievers. To subscribe: click here, or for more information visit Empowered

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