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Mother's remember the best gifts ever received.

The Best Mother's Day Gifts

To the untrained eye, it might look like a piece of bubble gum stuck to a safety pin; a pink chewed mass mistakenly rescued from the trash years before. However, to its owner, this cherished keepsake is a bejeweled treasure--still worn with extreme pride. For you see, this is more than it appears. It was made with love, given with delight, and received with a grateful heart--a gift from a young son on Mother's Day.

Since May 9, 1914 when the second Sunday in May was declared "Mother's Day", children and fathers have looked for meaningful ways to recognize and celebrate those unsung heroes in their lives: their mothers. I recently had the great pleasure of conversing with several Moms, and asked them about the "best gifts" they have ever received on Mother's Day. Here is a little of what they had to offer:

Gifts Made by Hand
"One of the best gifts I have been given was made by my oldest when he was in JK. They painted flower pots with their thumb prints and hearts then they planted a spider plant [in each]. There was a nice little poem that came with it. My plant has given with love to someone else (movers don't move plants) but I still have the pot. (MPD)

When my son was four, he made me a necklace of yarn with pasta strung on it. He was so proud when I wore it with my "dress up" clothes all day and showed it to everyone. I still have it and will save it forever." (CM)

Gifts of Time & Silence
"Almost every year my daughter makes me a coupon book for mother's day with chores that she will do for me without complaint. It might be vacuuming, cleaning the windows or laundry. Sometimes there's a shoulder rub in there or a freebie that I can choose a chore for. I LOVE getting one of these!! (HM)

I'm a quiet person by nature and miss the solitude of our lives before we had children so they [my husband and kids] often take off to do something in the woods for a few hours and leave me to wander through the garden and enjoy the silence of nature. I could call that the gift of silence." (AS)

Gifts "almost" purchased
"The one Mother's day gift I will never forget came from Pamela when she was about five. She presented me with a package very carefully wrapped in tissue, and in it was a very pretty lace hankie. When I asked her father if he had given her money to go shopping and he said, "No." I then asked Pamela where she bought my gift and she said she and her little friend Tracey went up to our local Plaza and looked in "the box" where everyone took their clothes to give away to the people with no money. Since they had no money themselves, they reasoned they could both pick out gifts for their mothers. I had to explain to her that it was a very kind thing she had done for me but she would not be able to do her shopping there anymore. However, it meant a lot that she would want to be sure I had a gift from her for Mother's Day." (MM)

Gifts of Words
"I receive it in a card and the gift is always the same - the most precious, meaningful words ever written to me. My son tells me what I have meant in his life. I read his words and I am filled every time with a combined sense of disbelief and amazement. "Is it possible that I, your Mom, played such a meaningful part in you growing up to be the wonderful, incredible person that you are?" Every year on Mother's Day his cards tell me, Yes!" He shares with me, in the written word, how my influence helped shape him into the person that he is today. I have so many of his cards from over the years. They grew as he grew--each reflecting his love, creative growth and expression. I could not ask for a greater gift!" (JD)

So for all of you contemplating what special gift to give your mother this year, fear not. To the untrained eye, it may seem rather mundane. But if given from the heart, your Mom will be sure to know its true value ... and have memories to last a lifetime.

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