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Straightforward tactics for generating additional publicity and press coverage.

Generating Additional Publicity

These straightforward tactics can amplify your press coverage by generating more column inches or air time.

Photos and graphics. A good or interesting photograph (or video) can win you significantly more editorial space and you can bet most people will look at the picture before the read the text.

Offer a briefing or interview. Talk to the writer as she is writing the story. You can suggest interesting angles and provide information they did not get elsewhere.

Leverage your advertising dollars into editorial coverage.

Recycling PR wins
When you win a good piece of publicity, you can amplify your success using the following tactics:

A press release. If you won an award or some other kind of significant endorsement, put out your own press release to announce it. You don't necessarily have to put this release on a costly news wire. You can post it as an advisory on your web site and send it to your organization's mail list.

Go local. If a prominent national publication or broadcaster carries a story on you, send a short release about it to your local newspapers, trade publications and chamber of commerce newsletters. "Local boy does good" stories are quite popular.

Add to the story. Write a letter to the editor of the publication that just printed the story and elaborate on a few of the points that were made in the article.

Post it on your web site. Prominently quote the bits of the article that you like and provide a link to the actual article (most print publications, and even broadcasters, have the same stories online).

Distribute reprints and copies. Most publications (incl. broadcast media) offer a reprint service (for a fee). You can include reprints with your sales collateral and distribute them by mail, at events and speaking engagements. If you sell through a channel make sure the sales team of your channel partners also get copies. Laminated copies can be used as "shelf talkers" in retail outlets.

Merchandising. If you won a significant endorsement (e.g. an award) you could let potential customers know by using the award icon on product packaging, price lists, employee t-shirts, etc.

David Lamont has 18 years marketing and sales experience. He counts among his accomplishments a U.S. patent, a Sales Person of the Year award, an award for enterprise, and most importantly, numerous strategies that dramatically grew sales, profits, market share and brand loyalty. David has worked in the U.S. and Europe and done business in Asia. He is also a Professional Certified Marketer by the American Marketing Association (AMA). David can be contacted through MarketingSage.net which helps businesses increase revenue, launch new products, generate publicity, and establish new sales channels by providing the additional brainpower, bandwidth, IT sales experience, tools and contacts. Their mini-course on marketing tactics is available FREE by email.

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