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You can achieve retail success by applying science and psychology to your retail operation.

Retail Success Through Science and Psychology

Psychology and Science are innovative forces taking the retail business marketplace by storm. And you can benefit enormously from these forgotten secrets to retail success by touching your customers' emotions.

Listen To Me And Understand Please
Your customers are crying out for the one thing so many businesses fail to provide: They want to be understood!

When you approach prospects, ask them: "Do you have any situations that our expertise can help solve for you?"

Psychologically, by substituting the word - situations for problems, you are more likely to get a positive response. Let your customer understand that you respect their valuable knowledge and respect their honest opinions as well.

Stephen Covey's advice from his groundbreaking book: "The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People" was - Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

So tell your clients you want to really understand their needs above everything else, and you'll be so far ahead of your competition, they'll be left scrambling in the dust.

Just Can't Stand To Loose Out On Something
Psychologists and experts in communication have discovered that people actually respond more to what they are going to lose than to what they are going to gain.

Ask yourself: What will my customers stand to lose if they do not buy my service or product?

Powerful Scientific Discovery
Science discovered the human brain finds lists of features boring - we switch off. So be creative and turn your service or product into a picture! This secret technique is used in memory retention

For example: Do you sell evening gowns for $500 and up? Or do you sell Beauty, Romance, and Life Time Memories!

Another example: Do you sell patio furniture starting at $1,500? Or do you sell a Relaxing, Stress Free, Improved Outdoor Lifestyle For Family And Friends!

Don't sell a generic product or service. Create your own appealing picture, sit back, and watch your sales SOAR!

Sell With Emotion
Did you know that you can increase your sales by using appealing photographs of your core customers in your marketing materials and Website?

Why is this? Well, it humanizes your products, perceives your company to be more professional and trustworthy and best of all It Touches Your Customers' Emotions. This in turn, makes them
want to OWN what you have to SELL.

Impressions Do Sell
People are charmed by status and responsibility. So create special positions for your staff, for example, executive manager, sales specialist, award winning designer. Acknowledge special achievements and begin an in-store award programs. Who says you can make your employees award winners - shameless ideas often lead to shamelessly retail success!

Be Unique And Prosper
You cannot expect to prosper in this heavily competitive retail environment by conforming to your competitors in the same marketplace. You must be UNIQUE and SPECIALIZED!

If your competitor can invade you, and you can't reciprocate, then you are in deep trouble. The big secret for any small retail business is to specialize in an area where you are substantially different from your rivals and put all your energy and resources into those areas. These are you STRENGTHS!

You really do become what you think about!

Debbie Allen is the award winning author of "Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters", and an international business speaker who has presented to thousands of people in nine countries around the world. She is a frequent guest on dozens of syndicated radio talk shows throughout US and Canada. Debbie has built and sold seven companies, and her sales and marketing expertise has been featured in dozens of national and international publications. Take her insightful free business card quiz and sign up for her informative newsletters at

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