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Romantic gift giving ideas for Christmas.

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas

As the Christmas season closes in, it's time to think about what gift you'll be giving that special someone this year. Giving a gift with a romantic impact will guarantee that she will feel special and appreciated.

One way you can achieve this is by putting the gift into a container and filling it with red silk rose petals. For example, give an ice bucket filled with the rose petals and a bottle of wine. Give a basket filled with rose petals, Bakers Dipping Chocolate, which you can pick up at the grocery store, pretzels for dipping and an aromatherapy candle. Have strawberries stashed away in the fridge for dipping also. If you're not a big shopper, fill a box with the red rose petals, crinkled up dollar bills and for an added touch, a brochure to a spa or weekend getaway.

Appliances are not an option! If she's asking for an appliance ask another family member to give it to her. If that's not possible at least turn it into a romantic gift. If it's a blender she is asking for, fill it with the rose petals and a piece of jewelry. If a toaster is in her future, give her some coupons she can redeem for breakfast in bed.

Are you proposing this Christmas?
On Christmas Eve, use a red ribbon and tie the ring to the tree or simply set the ring box on a branch. Surround the tree with red rose petals; you can even sprinkle them on the tree branches. If you want, surprise her with a romantic dinner at home or simply ask her to share a glass of wine while watching the Christmas tree lights. If you have a fire place, you can start a fire or buy a video that simulates a fireplace.

If she doesn't discover the ring on her own say, "I think Santa came early this year." As you're pointing to the ring say, "What is that on the tree?" When she discovers the ring, pop the question. This is best done alone with no visitors. You want her to say yes because she loves you, not because she feels pressure with everyone watching.

Taking just a few minutes to think about turning an ordinary gift romantic, will make a lasting impression on your relationship.

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