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27 Customer relationship builders.

Building Customer Relationships

Once you've established a relationship with a prospect or client, what can you do to stay in touch with them? The following list will give you some different ways to keep that connection strong:

1. Send newsletters or e-zines

2. Send articles of interest (about their industry, hobbies, etc.)

3. Send birthday card (and gift)

4. Send anniversary card

5. Refer them to a website of interest

6. Suggest and introduce to people who can be helpful

7. Give a referral

8. Send survey or ask for feedback about your services

9. Invite to lunch, breakfast, dinner or coffee

10. Send postcards

11. Send holiday greetings

12. Send a book or other gift

13. Drop by with a give-away

14. Send audiotape or CD

15. Give tickets to events

16. Send email messages

17. Phone to see how everything is going

18. Send a testimonial

19. Send book reviews of interest

20. Invite to be guest at event or meeting

21. Send announcement of upcoming events

22. Ask for advice/recommendations

23. Invite to an open house or other client appreciation event

24. Send a puzzle with a message

25. Send video of workshop with popcorn

26. Send a holiday gift for every holiday (especially the more obscure ones)

27. Send them a list of ideas that would help their business.

Use the above techniques to strengthen relationships with clients and prospects and increase the likelihood of future business.

Will Turner is the Founder and President of Dancing Elephants Achievement Group. Will has trained thousands of salespeople and business owners and authored over 100 articles on sales-related topics. He is also the creator of dozens of sale seminar programs, as well as the Sales Magnetism program which helps salespeople move beyond consultative selling to the next level of client relationships. He is the co-author of Six Secrets of Sales Magnets. For more information visit Dancingelephants.net

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