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A fear of cold calling can be overcome using these tips.

Fear of Cold Calling

Do you like cold calling? Most salespeople don't. In fact, many people avoid a sales career because the idea of cold calling is so distasteful. And many salespeople fail in sales or never reach their true potential because they have never mastered cold calling.

So let's look at the art of cold calling in its simplest form. Cold calling is picking up the phone and calling someone you don't know. Most of us don't have any problem picking up and using a phone; in fact, we do it all day long. We're also able to talk to people. So the "stigma" of cold calling has nothing to do with the physical act of picking up, dialing or using the phone. It also doesn't have anything to do with talking to someone.

When we look at why we avoid cold calling, it usually centers on our fear of rejection, fear of failure or fear of the unknown. We're afraid someone is going to be annoyed with us, be mean to us, or won't respond in the way we want.

So the first step in overcoming our fear of cold calling is to recognize that our fear is self-imposed. It's stemming from us. It's our perception and attitude about cold calling that paralyzes us. Of course that means that we are also the only ones that can break the shackles that we've put on ourselves.

There are two main qualities of fear. First, fear is imaginary. In other words, our fears are our thoughts; they're in our head. Second, our fear of cold calling is always in the future. We're afraid of something that hasn't happened yet. While everyone may have fear to some extent, when we let it imprison or limit us, we have given it too much importance. Keep in mind that FEAR is "False Emotions Appearing Real."

Changing our attitude and fear about cold calling is easier said than done. Remember, our attitudes are habits of thought so to change our attitudes will take some real effort on our part even if we consciously recognize that our fears are not rational.

To conquer our fear of cold calling, remember these three basic facts about fear:

  1. We all possess fear to some extent. It's normal. In fact, learning to channel your fear and the rush of adrenaline it causes can be very motivating. Fear is only debilitative when it controls your life to the extent that you limit or alter your activities. When you exercise your control of fear, you are making a conscious effort to choose your own path.
  2. The fears that immobilize us are usually unfounded. What's the worse case scenario? In other words, what would happen if your fears actually came through? In the case of cold calling, a prospect may hang up on you or get short with you. While it may not be pleasant, it certainly isn't life-threatening either.
  3. Fears are thoughts and you have complete control over them. You have the power and ability to replace your fearful thoughts with positive ideas and realistic expectations.

To overcome your fears, you have to change your mind. One easy way to start that process is to use your fear as a learning opportunity. In other words, you need to prepare for failure, rejection or the unknown. Your preparation will help you replace your fear with confidence.

Will Turner is the Founder and President of Dancing Elephants Achievement Group. Will has trained thousands of salespeople and business owners and authored over 100 articles on sales-related topics. He is also the creator of dozens of sale seminar programs, as well as the Sales Magnetism program which helps salespeople move beyond consultative selling to the next level of client relationships. He is the co-author of Six Secrets of Sales Magnets. For more information visit Dancingelephants.net

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