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Common mistakes that saleswomen make, and how to fix them.

Do Your Sales Have A Panty Line?

Panty line.

That nasty little "bulge" that takes away from your overall look of fabulous-ness!

Ever thought you were just looking "Oh so wonderful" and then caught the rear-end view of yourself in a mirror? I know I have and I wasn't too thrilled that I forgot about that "little detail!"

It's enough to drive a girl to eat watered down iceberg lettuce for a week.

Check the Rear-View of Your Business For Panty Line!
Hate to break it to you but the details count in sales.

You may be the Queen of delivering all the big stuff, however, that can all go away faster than your favorite lipstick if you aren't paying attention to the details for your customers.

Details You Say - Whatever Do You Mean Diva?
Here are some for starters. I am sure you can imagine a few more!

  • Returning phone calls or e-mails late. Or never.

  • Not following up with what you said you would. From your Grandma's favorite cookie recipe to sending your materials to a client.

  • No follow-up after the sale. Ever.

  • Crappy marketing materials that are run off your computer or the cheapest print shop.

  • My personal pet peeve - chipped nail polish.

So How Does Panty Line Happen To Your Business?
Pardon the pun - but it kind of "creeps up" on you.

We don't intend for it to happen. It usually means you are running a hundred miles an hour, receiving too many e-mails/phone calls than you can handle, and basically not delegating enough to someone else.

It has happened to all of us. Everything can be going just wonderfull and then WHAM! you slip on the banana peel and let your customer down.

I absolutely cringe when something like that happens but it does. You just have to make sure it doesn't happen often and also that you correct it ASAP! Take the time to move from panty line to seamless today.

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