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Every day isn't game day; how to work smart instead of working hard.

Not Every Day Is Game Day

Years ago I had a sales manager who used to be a professional football player. One of his favorite expressions was "Not every day is game day".

Foot ball players aren't playing the Superbowl every day. In fact, they aren't even playing a regular season game every day. 6 out of 7 days a week they are "preparing for Game Day."

Are You Trying To Kick The Ball Too Much?
Look - I don't play football (might break a nail!), however, I definitely understand that I can't be "ON" every single day. I'd burn out! Instead - I have a Daily Diva Success Plan (and I will share it below...)

I see many entrepreneurs and salespeople getting overwhelmed by all the activities they need to do. They are going 100 MPH and running out of fuel fast. Of course, they end up exhausted, frustrated, depressed and anxious because they are NOT getting the results they want.

Diva News Flash!
Just because you are working HARD doesn't mean you are working SMART. In fact, you may be working really hard at doing all the WRONG things. I quickly became a national award winning salesperson because I did the OPPOSITE of what my peers did.

They bought into "the nose to the grind-stone" approach and I went for the "Prepare and Create for the Unexpected" style of selling!

Even Football Players Have APlan
I know, I know - when these guys are running around the field looking like something off of a Disney cartoon - it is hard to believe they have a plan. But they do. If we could watch you via Satellite TV would we get the impression that YOU have a plan?

Create Your Own Game Day!
OK - let's dive into the Daily Diva Success Plan:

1) Block off time in the A.M..
Each morning block a period of time for working ON the business. (This means no "warm and fuzzy" stuff like just meeting for coffee) I work ON my business between 8 am and 11 am. This includes follow-up calls, marketing, setting appointments, writing articles, sending my e-zine etc.

The afternoon is used for meetings, research, proposal writing, etc. ONLY.

2) Leverage.
Be careful which clients, projects you accept. You want clients that are in your "target audience" and who can provide a foundation for referrrals and future repeat business. Write articles that can be used 3-5 ways... otherwise you are spinning your wheels, working too hard and trying to make every day a Game Day!

3) Ask The Magic Questions.
Each day ask yourself in the morning " OK - what do I need to do today to move my business FORWARD? What is the most IMPORTANT thing I can do to accomplish this goal?

Too often I see salespeople and entrepreneurs occupying their time with all the "little stuff" - filing, pushing paper, making lists etc. ...keeping themselves very busy yet not doing anything to grow their BOTTOM LINE. It is very difficult to go shoe shopping when you don't have two cents to rub together!

Remember - having a plan means that you are preparing for opportunity. And when opportunity crosses your path - you can go for it - as you have the skills, time , energy and the money to do it. That's when you are able to maximize and create Game Days for yourself.....and as Oprah says " Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

So here's a Diva question: How lucky have YOU been lately?

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