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Three Sales Diva Secrets for increasing sales in your business.

Are You Feeding Your Sales With A Teaspoon?

Did you ever play that birthday party game as a kid where you had to fill a cup with water one teaspoon at a time?

It took a whole lot of effort and spilled water before the cup was full. I see entrepreneurs and salespeople operating like this every day. Running around like chickens with their heads cut off and believe me - it isn't pretty!

These entrepreneurs/salespeople are exhausted, frustrated and have absolutely no time to kick off their shoes and enjoy their business or any other part of their sad is that? Does it sound or feel like I am talking about YOU?

Fill Your Bucket With A Hose!
Listen. Teaspoons are boring.

Instead - drag out the garden hose and start getting business the Diva way! You don't want the hose to be spraying water everywhere - instead you want it set on "soaker." Where consistently, steadily, DAILY, your business is attracting the customers it needs for profitable growth.

3 Sales Diva Secrets For "Soaking" Your Business:

1. Don't Let The "Tail" Wag The Dog.
Where are you focusing your time? Who are your biggest clients? Who are the ones who support you, gladly refer you to others and choose your services time and time again? Don't know? Get with it girl - these are the people who can and will grow your business FAST.

Don't spend your time taking care of all the high-maintenance clients who have little return on R.O.I. (return on investment. ) 9 out of 10 times - these clients are usually a pain to deal with as well. And they aren't referring you to others or increasing your bottom line. All they increase is your need to buy Tylenol.

If you focus all your time on the "little clients" aka TAIL - then you aren't focusing on the DOG aka YOUR BUSINESS.

2. Only Attend Networking Events That Are A "Fit"
Be honest.

Where and how - are you spending the bulk of your day?

If you are being a "networking nut" and attending every event under the sun - then you need help. Some networking is fine. I know people who spend more time at networking events than they do at ANYTHING ELSE with their business - and then they don't follow up!

But remember that meeting the people who are the RIGHT FIT beats the heck out of handing business cards like a poker dealer. Remember - ancient and out-dated Jurassic salespeople focus on VOLUME.

Instead - you are going to focus on the people who "Fit like a Diva Glove"

3. Be In Front Of Your Customer Each Month
It's simple.

Out of sight baby - and you're out of mind.

You bet your customer will buy from a competitor if you aren't in front of them. Or worse - they won't do anything. I spent 15 years in the national media - where top of mind awareness is everything. Top of mind awareness means everything to you too.

Existing customers and potential customers - do you think your name is the first one they think of when they are needing a product/service that you can provide?

How can you do this? Seeding, sending a consistent and helpful e-zine are just two ways, and there's many more.

I Diva-Dare you to drop the teaspoon and pick up the "soaker" hose for your business. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose - all because you are CHOOSING TO WORK SMARTER.

Kim Duke, The Sales Diva, provides savvy, sassy sales training for women small biz owners and entrepreneurs. Kim works with clients internationally, showing them The Sales Diva secrets to success! Sign up for her saucy and smart FREE e-zine and receive her FREE Bonus Report "The 5 Biggest Sales Mistakes Women Make" at

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