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Tips on accepting and managing change.

How to Manage Change

I know you have heard this line "The only sure things in life are death and taxes." I would like to add to this.

The ONLY sure thing in life is CHANGE. OK - maybe one more...your new $10 nylons WILL RUN as soon as you put them on! (for all you guys out there - just go with it!)

Are You Grouchy or Thrilled?
Lately I have been bumping into many people that are going through changes in their business. Some are happy about it and some aren't. You want to know the difference between the happy people and the grouchy ones?

The thrilled ones are those who have effectively planned for change. Proactive instead of reactive. Smooth transition planning. All those phrases that we think "so what" until we are in the midst of change.

The grouchy ones? Well - they have been caught off-guard. Some unexpected events/projects/delays - have made them question their business judgment/focus/client base.

Maybe Your Nylons Didn't Fit in the First Place!
Take a deep breath: We have all been there!I have always loved Henry Thoreau's comment "May you love your discontent - it means you are on the cusp of growth."

Whenever I am feeling a little overwhelmed or unhappy with a situation I ask myself "OK Kim - what have you done to contribute to this and how can it help take you to a new and higher level?"

Snap Out Of It!
Change is like the air we breathe and just as necessary. Contrary to popular belief - pity parties are boring and besides - you end up with a head-ache and puffy eyes!

Here are some Diva tips on managing CHANGE better:

1. Chart your course.
Where do you want to be revenue wise/project wise in 3,6,12 months?

2. What doesn't feel right anymore?
What worked a few years ago probably doesn't fit your business anymore. Stay with the areas that fit your expertise like a glove and let go of the rest.

3. Get over yourself.
This line comes directly from my mother. If you focus less on yourself and more on the positive outcomes you want to see - you'll start to see some rapid momentum!

I don't know about you - but I would MUCH RATHER be thrilled about what I'm doing than pouting in the corner. Change is everywhere - and it's wonderful! Your Diva Dare this month - is to GET OVER what is bugging you and GET PRO-ACTIVE instead. I know you can do it!

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