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Learn three ways to add more polish to your sales in the next 30 days.

Add Polish to Your Sales

I was at an event several weeks ago and saw a woman who looked absolutely gorgeous.

Perfect hair. Perfect shoes. Perfectly applied lipstick.

She walked up to me and shook my hand and offered me a brochure.

And then I saw it.

A manicure gone bad - chipped nail polish, ragged nails (that looked like they were chewed on pretty regularly) and something inside of me went..."Hmmmm." And I wondered why she had forgotten to pay attention to that detail - which took away from the rest of her look.

Of course you know what happened!

I thought "This totally applies to business as well!"

Sometimes we have ... Chipped Nail Polish Sales!

And for all of you who think no one sees those details - well... I have news for you.



Are Your Customers Being Treated Like A Bad Manicure?

Would you like to make more money in the next 30 days?

Then I Diva-Dare you to dive into your current customers and make sure no one has any "ragged edges, smears or chips" when they are dealing with you!

3 Ways To Add More Polish In The Next 30 Days:

  • Don't Leave Your Clients High and Dry!
    I really hate having to put my hands under the nail dryer at the salon. Why? It is so borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring and I can't even read a magazine unless I can flip the pages with my nose! I end up being totally ignored by the nail technician as she moves on to another client. Make sure you send out a Thank you card after you have received business from one of your clients and keep in touch with them every 6 weeks.

  • Book In Advance.
    Just as hair and nails need regular "maintenance" so do your clients! What is the NEXT STEP for them to "purchase" you?

  • How You Can Help Them During Their "In-Between" Stages?
    Are you sending out an e-zine or newsletter with tips? Mailing useful info that can help inspire them? (and NO - sending them your recent SALE info doesn't count!)

I know you work so hard at attracting customers.

It takes oooooodles of time, energy and money. So make sure you are EXTENDING the life of your customer's "manicure" with you - and they'll LOVE YOU for it!

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