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How to make your sales easier by reducing the risks for your customer.

Reduce The Risk For Your Customers

Do you remember that old toothpaste commercial that had the slogan "Put your money where your mouth is?" OK - maybe this Diva is dating herself but that tagline has always stuck with me - especially when it applies to business!

Selling is all about relationships. And guess what? We have relationships with those we feel we can trust. They don't FEEL RISKY.

Here's a quote I love that absolutely says it all: "Nobody minds having what is too good for them." - Jane Austen

What Are You Doing To Create Trust?
One of the most important things to remember about selling is that people buy based upon emotion. And they will also NOT BUY you based upon emotion as well.

Customers Choose Those Who Feel Less Risky!
Think about this for a minute. OK...maybe 10 minutes! When was the last time you purchased something from someone you felt a little nervous about? They looked and acted a little...y'know...cheesy car salesman/woman-like? A little like a piranha swimming around its prey?

I would bet that you aren't waking up everyday saying to yourself "YES - today is the day I buy the hotdog from the guy at the cornerstand who looks like he never washes!"

I know you aren't doing that! Why? Toooooo Risky.

So How Can You Reduce Risk For Your Customer?

Three Diva Tips:

1. Offer a guarantee.
Put your money where your mouth is. It will reduce the risk factor for your customer/potential customer if they know that you back up your product/service 100%.

2. Testimonials.
Make sure to have powerful and relevant testimonials sprinkled through-out your marketing materials.

3. Don't use a BRAG BOOK.
This is when you jam every testimonial from every person you have ever worked with in a binder. It doesn't reflect if they are still happy with you today...if they have ever been a repeat customer. It is a 1970s method of selling - don't do it!!

Remember - VOLUME isn't important - but QUALITY and REPEAT business is. All backed up with a fabulous guarantee!

So my Diva Dare to you your products and services and have a look at which ones feel RISKY. If you were your customer - would YOU buy from YOU?

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