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A sales lesson about selling more than one product and packaging and presenting those products effectively.

Sales Lessons From The Grocery Aisle

"The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf are three billion to one."
- Erma Bombeck

There are many things we all have in common and one of them is that we have ALL gone grocery shopping. (Definitely not one of my favorite tasks!) Erma Bombeck was right.

When have you ever walked into the grocery store and banana? You may have had the best of intentions but as you were walking briskly to the till ...SOMETHING ELSE caught your eye. All of a sudden you remembered you needed Kleenex, pasta, 2 lemons, Diet Coke, yogurt and the most recent edition of O magazine.

Soon your little red basket is bulging, weighs about 15 pounds and your arm feels like it is going to fall off.

I KNOW this has happened to you!

Well - you have just been involved in the Grocery Store Sales Experience and there are 3 lessons to be learned for your business!

1. Your Customer Needs To Be Reminded Of What You Have
Just as you sometimes forget to take a list to the grocery store - your customer forgets what YOU have to offer. They can be so caught up in the "day to day busy-ness" that you are quickly forgotten. You need to stay in front of them ..and OFTEN!

  • Are you "seeding" your customers with ideas through the mail?
  • Asking them if their situation has changed?
  • Providing them with useful info (like this e-zine) on a consistent basis?

2. Your Customer Will Buy Other Products/Services If You Have Them
A grocery store doesn't offer just one banana.

You are going to find it tough if you have only one product or service to sell. Why? Your customer may not want, need or can't afford that particular item or service. They need some options! The key is that the options are relevant to them and also fit under the "theme" of what you do.

How can your customer "sample" what you provide?

Remember - one of the fastest ways to grow your business is to have additional products and services that your customer can purchase. Once they love you - they will want to buy many things from you - what are you currently offering them?

3. Package Products/Services Together For Maximum Impact
You've seen it. A grocery display with a huge pile of strawberries - and right beside guessed it...whipped cream, shortcake, chocolate sauce - all combined in one "handy" area. You may initially have only been thinking about strawberries...but now you are drooling over the strawberry shortcake you will eat while watching CSI!

These 3 rules will help you to DRAMATICALLY increase the average cost per sale - without adding a ton of work, energy and effort on your part! More money - more fun - hey - it is the Diva Way!

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