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Sales advice on creating momentum for your business every single day.

The Secret SALES Fortune Cookie You've Been Waiting For

I lovvvvve going to a psychic. Getting my tarot cards read. Cracking open fortune cookies..and all that jazz. It is fun, sometimes enlightening and usually thought provoking.

Are you sitting down? I am going to reveal your future in the Sales Diva crystal ball!

It is in the form of a secret "fortune cookie" that has made me:

  • a national award winner in selling
  • one of the youngest sales managers in the history of Canada's oldest television network
  • a business owner with international clients and recognition (and a nice fat bank account!)

Would you like to be in the same boat as your Diva? (And by the way, I can paddle and not even break a nail!)

The Secret That Won't Break Your Bank, Back or Manicure
The secret is simple but I bet you aren't creating it.


I can hear your gasp of shock and horror.


In order for your business and sales to move forward you actually have to work ON it and not just IN it - every day.

Yup. Everyday. It's that "just add water and stir" action you may be waiting for!

The Hula Hoop Sales Effect
It doesn't matter if you've had a flat tire, a bad day, a great day, attended a fabulous 5-day business conference, gained 2 pounds, have a 20th high school anniversary coming up, your computer has crashed, or you've just attracted the biggest client of your life.

If you SKIP a week/month(s) of creating MOMENTUM the wheel doesn't just slowly stop - it pretty much topples over. Imagine a hula hoop that you keep in motion. If you ignore it - it ends up down by your knees pretty damn fast!

Here's How You Can Tell If You're On The Right Track
Are you wondering if you are doing the right sales strategies? Or if you are even doing ANY sales strategies?


  1. Your client activity list.
  2. Your revenues.
  3. Your goals and how close you are to meeting or exceeding them.
  4. How much time you devote to your business every day vs complaining about it.
  5. Your list of THRILLED clients who refer you happily, frequently and quickly.
  6. How often you wake up at 3 am panicking about money.

If you get gold stars after answering those questions - then YAHOOOOO for you!

If your stomach just went into a knot then you know you AREN'T creating momentum.

It's Time To Strap On The Stilettos and Get A Move On!
So what do you do to create momentum faster than a Diva can apply nail polish?

#1 - Commit 30 minutes per day to the MOST IMPORTANT activity you need to do in SALES - which is FOLLOW-UP! What is the point of networking and attracting business if you don't follow-up and through with your client base?? Before you know it - you lose top-of-mind awareness and you're back to spinning your wheels and eating rubber chicken at network functions.

I don't care how you do it - with the phone, e-mail, by mail, pony express or pigeon carrier - just do it! And do it EVERYDAY.

It's the first step in momentum that leads to massive increases in money for YOU (which by the way, allows you to buy many, many pairs of shoes!)

So quit waiting for the Secret Fortune Cookie to fall onto your computer keyboard and instead DO SOMETHING. NOW.

Your sparkling, successful future depends on it.

Kim Duke, The Sales Diva, provides savvy, sassy sales training for women small biz owners and entrepreneurs. Kim works with clients internationally, showing them The Sales Diva secrets to success! Sign up for her saucy and smart FREE e-zine and receive her FREE Bonus Report "The 5 Biggest Sales Mistakes Women Make" at

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