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Easy yoga exercises you can do at work, in your office or right at your workstation.

Yoga at Work

Here are a number of yoga exercises you can do at your workstation.

Remember, breathing deeply in and out of the nose is the key to getting the best benefits from your yoga practice. Breathing calms and centres your mind, and can help you re-focus for your next task.

Even 5 or 10 minutes of practice every 2 hours will help make a difference in your energy level and how you are going through your day.

a. SHOULDER Postures

Overhead Stretch
With arms extended overhead and palms together, stretch arms upward and slightly backwards. Relax and repeat.

Forward Stretch
Interlace your fingers in front of you at shoulder height. Turn your palms outward as you extend your arms forward and feel a stretch. Relax and repeat.

Shoulder Roll
Roll the shoulders, raise them, pull them back, then drop them and relax. Repeat in the opposite direction.

b. BACK Postures

Backward Stretch
With your arms relaxed at your side and using the relaxed breathing technique:

a) Shrug your shoulders, hold, relax

b) Pull your shoulder bladed back, hold, relax

c) Roll your shoulders forward, hold, relax

Middle Back Release
With your fingers interlaced behind your head, keep your elbows straight out to the side and your upper body in a well aligned position. Pull your shoulder blades together to create a feeling of tension through your upper back and shoulder blades. Relax and repeat.

c. NECK Postures

Neck Half Circles Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Roll your head slowly from side to front to side, keeping your back straight. If a particular position feels tight, stop and hold a stretch. Do so by using the breathing technique discussed earlier.

Neck Rotation
Sit or stand with arms relaxed by your side. Using the stretch breathing technique described earlier, look over one shoulder as far as possible, then do the same in the opposite direction.

Neck Side Bends
While sitting or standing, move your head to your right shoulder, trying to touch your shoulder with your ear (keep the shoulder down). Repeat on the left side.


Prayer Position
Put the palms of your hands together, so that your elbows are bent and your wrists are at right angles. Using the breathing technique described earlier, and keeping the palms of the hands together, push your right palm and fingers firmly against the left and bend the left wrist back. Repeat to the other side.

Finger Stretch
Clench your hand into a fist with the palm facing you. Extend your fingers and hold and return to the fist position. Repeat with the other hand.

e. LEG Postures

Leg Lift
Sit forward on the chair so that your back is not touching the chair's back. Place feet flat on the floor. With a straight leg, lift one foot a few inches off the floor. Hold momentarily, return it to the floor and repeat with the other leg.

Ankle Flex and Stretch
Hold one foot off the floor, leg straight. Alternately flex ankle (pointing toes up) and extend (pointing toes toward the floor). Repeat with the other leg.

Toe-in, toe-out
Place feet shoulder-width apart, heels on the floor. Swing toes in, then out.

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