Relationship Advice From a Male Perspective - Table Of Contents


#1 - Cyber-Sex Is Rampant and Bringing Big Changes Part 1: Have You Lost Your Cyber-Virginity? - The computer has made "sex-less affairs" more possible, and intriguing, than ever before.

#2 - Cyber-Sex Is Rampant and Bringing Big Changes Part 2: The World Of Virtual Reality Sex - Millions turn to the computer to fulfill their hunger for the intimacy, passion, or lust that is missing from their lives.

#3 - Rate Your Mate - A quiz

#4 - When Men Are "Emotional Camels" - Just like a camel can go forever without water in the heat of the desert, so can many men go without the intimacy, feelings of fulfillment, or the excitement life can offer.

#5 - The 3 Kinds of Couples - What are the 3 kinds of relationships when it comes to conflict?

#6 - Avoid Installing Landmines - Future problems can be avoided by resolving your difficulties now!

#7 - Let the Fire Go Out - How to resolve quarrels calmly.

#8 - Strengthening Your Emotional Bank Account - Balance the emotional "deposits" and "withdrawals" in your relationship.

#9 - Sex & Intimacy: What Women Want - ...intimacy, passion, acknowledgment, respect, appreciation, romance, involvement, love, and connection.

#10 - Sex & Intimacy: What Men Want - ...more sex, and a partner who is sexually intense, assertive, and passionate.

#11 - The Imbalance - When one partner wants "more": Communication and compromise are key.

#12 - Familiarity and Fantasies - Familiarity with one's long term partner can explain those fantasies you've been having.

#13 - Taking Responsibility For Your Intimacy - Maintaining a full and active sex life requires "effort" from both parties.

#14 - Dealing With The Lure Of Sexual Attraction - It's possible, even in a good marriage, to find oneself lured by another... learn how to handle sexual attraction.

#15 - Flirting - What is normal? How much is too much?

#16 - Techniques That Work - Time tested and true!

#17 - Gender Wars - Some of the differences between you and your mate could be a function of gender.

#18 - We Are Different, Not Better - The physiological differences (beyond the obvious ones!) between men and women.

#19 - Priorities - Yet another gender difference is the way women and men prioritize.

#20 - Humble Beginnings: Hunters - A look at the role of human ancestry in gender differences. - Part One: the "lone male".

#21 - Humble Beginnings: Gatherers - Part Two: The "social female".

#22 - Killin' Stuff - A closer look at the male joy for "hunting season".

#23 - All I Want Is The Person I Fell In Love With - When your partner has changed, how can you help them find the person you fell in love with?

#24 - Sex and Hallowe'en - Wearing a "costume" can "dress up" your sex life!

#25 - Not Asking For Help - A look at this commonly "male" and often "frustrating" trait.

#26 - Testosterone Surges! - David defines these as "a shutdown of the brain, leading to a burst of energy that increases ones 'manliness' factor."

#27 - What Makes Sex Sizzle or Fizzle? - READ this isse for these valuable answers!

#28 - When should SINGLES start having sex? - Perhaps it's time the traditional answer changed...

#29 - Pigs and Princesses - "I'd like to have sex with that person..."

#30 - Men In The Birthing Suite? - Should we be questioning the now standard practice of fathers attending births?

#31 - A Little Effort Goes A Long Way - It IS important to make the effort to be sensitive.

#32 - Remebering The True Meaning of Christmas - While the holidays are joyous for most, it can be a lonely time for some.

#33 - Holiday Break Ups - Should "the inevitable" be done? or wait till AFTER the holidays?

#34 - The Benefit Of Learning More About Communicating - HOW is as important as WHAT

#35 - The Power of Words - ...including non-verbal communication.

#36 - Accepting Your Partnerís Reality - How they feel is HOW THEY FEEL!

#37 - Reversing The Blame - Wrongly convincing your partner most every problem is really their fault.

#38 - Starting Off A Relationship On The Right Foot - Do's and Don'ts for beginning relationships.

#39 - New Relationships: Balancing Hopes and Fears - Being content with being alone.

#40 - Swingin' Single - What to do if you WANT to find a partner.

#41 - Intimate Inquiries - A list of open-ended questions to use in gaining insight into that potential new mate.

#42 - Breakthroughs in Meeting New People - The problem is not WHERE, but HOW...

#43 - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Are you still ending relationships the same way you did in grade school?

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