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SLEEP LOG Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Did you take naps yesterday? If yes, give total length of sleep in minutes.              
Did you take any sleeping medication? Record time and amount.              
When did you turn out your lights, actually trying to sleep?              
How many minutes did it take you to fall asleep last night?              
How often did you wake up last night?              
How many minutes were you awake during the night? Do not count the time it took you to fall asleep initially.              
When did you wake up for the last time this morning?              
How many hours did you actually sleep last night?              
When did you get out of bed for the last time this morning?              
Compared with your own average over the last month, how well did you sleep last night?              
How refreshing and restorative was your sleep? Was it better or worse than your average?              
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Form & Text Dr. Peter Hauri, column by Shara Rendell-Smock at Posted Dec. 23, 1997