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I live in Ramat Gan--five minutes north of Tel Aviv--with my wife Galit, a Sabra (native Israeli), and our three year old son, Ben. We're here on a trial basis only--I think.

Unlike many North Americans who make aliyah (a Jew who immigrates to Israel is said to have ‘made aliyah’ - literally to "go up") I didn't come here for reasons of religion or Zionism. I'm here because, after three years of living in Canada, Galit needed to come home.

It has not been an easy transition.

The climate change and the threat of terror are just two of the bigger adjustments I've had to make. Ironically, in many respects, the former has been the far more difficult of the two. You'd be surprised how quickly you become accustomed to the site of soldiers toting M16's, security guards combing the aisles of buses for suspicious looking packages, and the monster traffic jams that occur when there is the threat of a terrorist attack.

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