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When I left the cab, the old city of Jerusalem was in full view. The Dome of the Rock dominated the sightline in all its magnificent glory. The contrast with my immediate surroundings, which were becoming more and more decrepit with each passing step, was absolute.

I was in East Jerusalem, and I must have been the only Jewish person within a two kilometer radius. The only Jewish person, that is, who wasn’t a soldier. It was an uncomfortable feeling. A feeling, and a place, that most Israeli Jews try to avoid.

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Stuart Weinberg was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. From 1989-1996 he worked as an elementary school teacher for the Etobicoke Board of Education there. In 1996, he moved to Israel with his family where he has been serving as the Israeli correspondent for the Jewish Tribune, Bnai Brith’s national newspaper in Canada. His articles have also appeared in the Jerusalem Post.