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Todd Kuipers is a software designer/Internet consultant, living and breathing, with his wife Susanna, in Calgary, Alberta. He is resident at Merak Projects currently working on Web based implementations of their petroleum softwareand their Web site. He spends his spare time reading, writing, reading and writing about beer, tasting beer, reviewing anything that he comes across and providing pure research skills to paying customers. Current and past things Todd and Internet can be seen at

One time proprietor of the currently defunct "E-mail-zines list", a listing of e-zines available via e-mail, Todd kept his interest in "low-bandwidth active delivery content" and currently subscribes to (and generally reads) 80+ e-mail publications on a wide variety of topics.


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Same format as the last few (gee whiz, a real trend!). This week the 5 year strong Consumable from Editor Bob Gajarsky (and cast of dozens) and another two short takes at the end.

Review - Consumable

Quick Rating:
Overall - 5
Content - 5
Writing - 5
Regularity - 5
Extras - 5
E-zine Description: From the site: Consumable Online, the oldest collaborative music reviews 'zine on the Internet, consists of reviews, interviews, tour information and other music related information. We have several foreign correspondents who contribute and add a distinct flavor to our publication. Reviews are primarily of the "alternative" genre, but also hit pop, rock and other musical formats.

Frequency of Publication: about every two weeks

Subscription Instructions:
E-mail Body: subscribe consumable

WWW location:

Contact Information:
Bob Gajarsky,
Consumable Online,
409 Washington St. #294,
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Cost: Amazingly Free


Content - 5
This is the oldest on-going music reviews e-zine on the Net - just recently celebrating 5 years of publication. Every issue is packed full of reviews, news, interviews and tour dates for all your favorite "alternative" bands.

A consistent publication of any kind that's lasted for 5 years is really something. One that lasts 5 years on the Net and hasn't compromised quality or information is fabulous. Editor Bob Gajarsky must have one hell of a commitment level to keep it going as strongly as he obviously has.

The amount of info that's fed every two weeks via this publication is huge. The music reviews are detailed and compelling covering excellent bands that tend to get short shrift from much of the main stream press. Due to Consumable, over the past 3 years, I've been introduced to such bands as Son Volt and the Squirrel Nut Zippers, found out recently that Jason & the Scorcher's have a new album out, and made plans to fly to Vancouver or Seattle to see many of my fave groups.

Now you may say, "but this info can be had from many other good magazines out there like CMJ, Raygun et al." I say, "but not on-line, not e-mailed to my stoop every two weeks, and not nearly as eclectic."

Writing Quality/Style - 5
Style varies slighty depending on who writes the reviews or who conducts the interviews. Overall the writing quality here is extremely high, very well edited and neatly presented. This isn't shipped out by an angst ridden group of 16 year-old kids (not that angst ridden can't be done well). You'd never know that Consumable was a co-operative e-zine with its high quality and consistency.

Regularity - 5
Not exactly every two weeks, but damn good enough.

Extras - 4
All the proper e-mail bits are here: un/subscribe info, contact info, copyright info, site link and staff list. The site provides a searchable index of the past 5 years, so you should be able to find the older reviews in a flash.

Overall - 5
Consumable is nothing short of phenomenal. High quality, well presented, co-operative and informative. My thanks to Bob and the all contributors over the past 5 years.

E-zine Title: Crypto-Gram

E-zine Description: A free monthly newsletter providing summaries, analyses, insights, and commentaries on cryptography and computer security.

I was introduced to this by my good friend Michael Brown. This newsletter covers cryptographic technologies, developments, politics and opinion. Presented by Bruce Schneier, President, Counterpane Systems

Frequency of Publication: monthly

Subscription Instructions:
Send a blank e-mail message to:

WWW location:

Contact Information:
Bruce Schneier -

Cost: extremely free!

E-zine Title: Broadcasting Corporation of Belize - News Summary

E-zine Description: A daily news summary brought to you by the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize.

On a lark I thought I'd subscribe to this one, as news about Belize tends to be very sparse in North America. Quite interesting so far.

Frequency of Publication: daily

Subscription Instructions:
send a blank message to

WWW location: N/A

Contact Information:

Cost: Free

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