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Internet e-zine guru Todd Kuipers

Todd Kuipers is a software designer/Internet consultant, living and breathing, with his wife Susanna, in Calgary, Alberta. He is resident at Merak Projects currently working on Web based implementations of their petroleum softwareand their Web site. He spends his spare time reading, writing, reading and writing about beer, tasting beer, reviewing anything that he comes across and providing pure research skills to paying customers. Current and past things Todd and Internet can be seen at

One time proprietor of the currently defunct "E-mail-zines list", a listing of e-zines available via e-mail, Todd kept his interest in "low-bandwidth active delivery content" and currently subscribes to (and generally reads) 80+ e-mail publications on a wide variety of topics.


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I've got my new office set up and I really like the space. If you happen to be walking down the south side of 11th Ave SW, between 2nd and 4th Streets (no 3rd Street there) in Calgary, you can look up north on the third floor of the Merak Building and see me trying to work. I also have a great view of an ATM/ABM/Bank Machine in the building across the way that I can't get to. Anyway, back to normalcy and a review and a short look. This week the Finger Searcher Newsletter.

Review - Finger Searcher

Quick Rating:
Overall - 5
Content - 5
Writing - 5
Regularity - 4
Extras - 5

E-zine Description: From the site:

The weekly newsletter of science and science education resources on the internet direct from Canada.

Frequency of Publication: weekly

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WWW location:

Contact Information:

Martin H. Badke:

Cost: free


Content - 5
Martin has put together an excellent, focused Web site review e-mail-zine. Each issue is nice and short and does quick synopsis reviews of 8 Web sites, one from each of: Life Science, Physical Science, Mathematics, Miscellany, Search Tools, Listserv or mailbot, Canadian Content, Teacher Resources. The reviews are to the point and immediately lead you back to the site after a few sentences description. Each site is also rated out of 5 based on Content and Presentation and lets you know what technical type of content is used on the site (Java, Shockwave etc.). It takes a couple/three minutes to run through each newsletter and I've found many sites that are at least worth a quick perusal.

Writing Quality/Style - 5
Succinct, quick, well written and easy to read.

Regularity - 4
Very regular. weekly, except for a hiatus over the last few weeks of the year. But in the words of the author: "I took some time off. However, for what you pay to get this, you should not complain. :-)"

Extras - 5
An excellent set of contact, copyright and un/subscribe information in each issue. The site has archives of past issues for the curious (little behind on the posting), a description of Martin's rating system and assorted other bits.

Overall - 5
There are many, many, many Web site review/announcement mailers out there, and not nearly enough that stick to a theme and remain consistent over time. Martin has done an admirable job of keeping his and my interest up with this one. Good science Web sites are hard to come by and it's nice to get a set of new ones to check out on a regular basis. Visit the site and try a subscribe.

E-zine Title: Terroir Letter

E-zine Description: >From the site:

Wine magazine: discover the latest news about French wine.
Gossip of the Terroir Virtuel: discover the novelty of the site.
The cellarman stock: every month a selected cellarman will tell you about his activity and his stock. You will then be able to order treasures which have been dormant in his cellar for years.

This is a new newsletter (now on issue #3), but it's pretty interesting. I'm not exactly a wine populist, but have learned a fair bit from this newsletter that has led me to some good purchases at the local wine shop. The information is well researched and presented.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly (mostly)

Subscription Instructions: Visit

WWW location:

Contact Information:

Cost: free

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