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Back into the grind, I'm off to Tulsa tomorrow (as I write this anyway) for about 5 days to experience all that is Tulsa. Should be interesting, the closest I've been is Oklahoma City, for about 15 minutes to gas up on our way to Dallas last year. So anyway, I've picked EAT THE STATE! to review this week, along wiith the usual short blurb at the end.


Quick Rating:
Overall - 5
Content - 5
Writing - 5
Regularity - 5
Extras - 5

E-zine Description: From the site:

>From the journal itself: a forum for anti-authoritarian political opinion, research and humor

The tiny print: EAT THE STATE! is a shamelessly biased political journal. We want an end to poverty, exploitation, imperialism, militarism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, environmental destruction, television, and large ugly buildings, and we want it fucking now. We are not affiliated with any political group or party. We publish EAT THE STATE! as a not-for-profit way of sharing information, resources, opinions, and hopefully inspiring ACTION in our community. Please help!

Frequency of Publication: weekly

Subscription Instructions:
Send a message to with "subscribe eat-the-state" in the body.
or Visit

WWW location:

Contact Information:

Cost: very free, though I'm sure they'd be very happy if you threw some $ at them...


Content - 5
There's an obvious level of energy that goes into each issue of ETS. The weekly mailer is loaded full of quotes, news, opinion, and dates covering domestic US and international issues and events. Biting in their wording and very directed in their coverage, each article leaves few obvious stones unturned. Recent article topics include: the most over and underated news stories of the past year, the historic Nisga'a tribe treaty with the Canadian government and light rail transit concepts for Seattle. Not a light read, but easy enough to find something to react to.

Writing Quality/Style - 5
Very well written and organized. This is a professionally prepared and edited publication. Many mainstream 'zines and journals could learn a thing or two from the e-mail text version alone. The items tend to be editorial in tone, generally making no bones about the opinions of the author, in the process making it easier to dig in and find supporting and detracting points. (I really like this format).

Regularity - 5

Extras - 5
Standard un/subscribe info in each issue, along with full masthead and organization info. They are more than happy to have you redistribute their articles, and appreciate it even more when you provide source credit. The site is well organized and provides archives of the last 2+ years of issues for your perusal.

Overall - 5
I first came across this newsletter through Wayne Grytting's Newspeak site or newsletter (I think), either that or someone forwarded a copy to me or something. Anyway, Eat The State's mandate is to provide a forum "for anit-authoritarian political opinion, research and humour". Given how well written it is, the amount of diverse information that each issue delivers, and the fact that they've been around for more than 2 years, they are well on their way to making the impact they're working toward.

E-zine Title: Travel India News

E-zine Description: from the newsletter: Travel-India now offeres super bargains for your tours in India during your stay. Personalized tours, Standard tours and many more....

Interesting newsletter, focused on travel tips, packages and the like for travelers to India. I haven't figured out where the newsletter is produced, but it offers excellent descriptions of destinations, along with historical and cultural notes. AT LEAST a good read.

Frequency of Publication: Weekly

Subscription Instructions: Visit

WWW location:

Contact Information:

Cost: free

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