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Todd Kuipers is a software designer/Internet consultant, living and breathing, with his wife Susanna, in Calgary, Alberta. He is resident at Merak Projects currently working on Web based implementations of their petroleum softwareand their Web site. He spends his spare time reading, writing, reading and writing about beer, tasting beer, reviewing anything that he comes across and providing pure research skills to paying customers. Current and past things Todd and Internet can be seen at

One time proprietor of the currently defunct "E-mail-zines list", a listing of e-zines available via e-mail, Todd kept his interest in "low-bandwidth active delivery content" and currently subscribes to (and generally reads) 80+ e-mail publications on a wide variety of topics.


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Lots of interesting stuff going on here but nothing I can talk about. All on the QT, under yer hat, inside dope kinda stuff. The Canadian Beer Review stuff keeps clicking along, but I haven't been able to send out the latest version of the e-mail newsletter because the Listbot list owner service has been strangely out of service for the past 3 days...

This week I'm going to cover an enjoyable and eclectic mailer called Keith E. Sullivan's Mostly Clean Humor & Weird List with the typical and expected short take at the end.

Review - Keith's Mostly Clean Humor & Weird List

Quick Rating:
Overall - 5
Content - 5
Writing - 5
Regularity - 4
Extras - 5

E-zine Description: From the site:

Keith sends out collages of related jokes as the spirit moves him, often several times a day. Mostly, they are clean, but he doesn't guarantee that. They are almost always wierd. At times we think Keith has no life.

Frequency of Publication: sometimes several times a day.

Subscription Instructions:

WWW location:

Contact Information:

editor: Keith E. Sullivan

Cost: free


Content - 5
This is a pretty enjoyable mailing consisting of multiple e-mails each with a specific topic. These topic sheets are then stuffed to overflowing with related jokes, news bits, fake news bits, anecdotes, quotes and the like. Topics over the past few weeks have included: Airlines & PA Announcements, Groundhog Day, Farmers & Farming, Buying the 2002 Winter Olympics, Bookstore Zombies and When No Other Explanation Will Do. Most of these mailings contain 4 or 5 related items, and sometimes many more.

Writing Quality/Style - 5
These seem to be items generally sniped from elsewhere, but I haven't noticed any grammatical problems, spelling errors etc. Not that I've been looking either, given that most items are pretty funny. I'd bet though that Keith does edit these things so that they read even better than the way he found them.

Regularity - 4
Very regular. Sometimes multiple times per day. I think that's the modern definition of regular.

Extras - 5
The un/subscribe and mailing list maintenance page is very easy to use, even offering temporary halts for vacation. I haven't found a Web site with archives yet, but hey...

Overall - 5
I'm surprised that Keith can consistently pull off multiple mailers and themed topics as often as he can. The archive stack that he must have of just text items must take up gigs of space. Damn impressive for a free newsletter. Makes most joke lists pale in comparison.

E-zine Title: James Randi Educational Foundation Mailing List

E-zine Description: >From the site:

The Foundation will eventually be prepared to conduct and/or finance original, basic, research in subjects of interest, ranging through many aspects of paranormal, occult, and supernatural claims.

James Randi is a professional magician whose claim to fame is that he works diligently within his foundation (and without) to debunk, disprove and show ludicrous the existence of supernatural, psychic and other related phenomenon. The foundation has $1 million plus dollars available at all times payable to anyone that can prove the existence of such phenomenon. No takers to date.

This mailing list basically keeps you up to date on James Randi, the foundation and his/its activities.

Frequency of Publication: As needed

Subscription Instructions: Visit

WWW location:

Contact Information:
e-mail: James Randi

Cost: free

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