Monday, March 29, 1999

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Internet e-zine guru Todd Kuipers

Todd Kuipers is a software designer/Internet consultant, living and breathing, with his wife Susanna, in Calgary, Alberta. He is resident at Merak Projects currently working on Web based implementations of their petroleum softwareand their Web site. He spends his spare time reading, writing, reading and writing about beer, tasting beer, reviewing anything that he comes across and providing pure research skills to paying customers. Current and past things Todd and Internet can be seen at

One time proprietor of the currently defunct "E-mail-zines list", a listing of e-zines available via e-mail, Todd kept his interest in "low-bandwidth active delivery content" and currently subscribes to (and generally reads) 80+ e-mail publications on a wide variety of topics.


Column #36: The Plague of Marketing E-zines
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Well after last week's e-mail column where I was generally less than kind to e-mail based marketing newsletters, I have to say that the readers of that column have responded quite well, suggesting no less than 6 decent looking newsletters. Thanks very much for taking the time to send in your suggestions, I'll endeavor to dissect them and review them in future columns.

The Sideroad editors (Mike and Heather) should be back in town (especially if you're reading this) from their fancy trip to Northern California and San Francisco. I've got no firm plans for trips here in the future, so I'll have to live vicariously through their tales for the next couple few months.

This week I'm going to run through a couple of short takes. But based on some reader mail over the past couple of weeks, first I'm gonna chat a bit about (1) e-mail in general and (2) how I choose and decide to review the newsletters that show up my columns.

E-mail is here to stay

I'm not really sure how I've put this in the past, but I truly believe that e-mail as a delivery mechanism is the one part of the Internet that will be here for the long term. The part known as the Web will change radically over the next many years and will probably begin to look more and more like TV as bandwidth bottlenecks disappear, but it's hard to tell where exactly it is going.

The way I view a site like Suck will probably change radically in the next while. E-mail on the other hand works very well right here, right now with very basic standards. The concept of text delivery and interchange between people and organizations has already taken huge chunks out of the snail mail and fax pie.

As far as newsletters go I think that if you want to deliver information to a wide variety of people, you can't beat e-mail as a mechanism.

Positive Reviews

Some people have asked over the past while why all the e-mail-zines I review in depth get an OpenRoad award. I guess it would make sense that after reviewing almost 35 newsletters that I'd start providing reviews of newsletters to avoid.

My attempt is to only provide quality suggestions rather than spending time covering poor quality e-zines that most people reading wouldn't have heard of had I not mentioned it. The way I figure it I hope that I can provide worthwhile content and establish a bit of a quality standard or badge for readers and writers of e-mail newsletters. (The shorter reviews I post are for those newsletters that I haven't had the opportunity to read through properly but show promise from the bits I have seen.)

I hope that I've done this well over the past 37 issues. If you have any suggestions and questions about my style or what I review let me know.

E-zine Title: Jeff Rense News

E-zine Description: From the newsletter:

Each week, you'll receive the RenseNews delivered to your e-mailbox. The ezine gives you the top headline stories of the week -- those you *rarely* find in mainstream media -- and other unique information at the Jeff Rense - Sightings website. You'll keep abreast of the most unusual news from around the world with Jeff Rense. RenseNews will give you thumbnails of the most important topics of the week, plus upcoming guests so you can stay informed on those topics important to you and your family. Once again, we thank you. Feel free to share with your family and friends.

This newsletter covering the information that Jeff Rense discusses on radio (and TV) has only been around for a few issues, but I've already run across it and found it to be entertaining. Jeff Rense covers those issues that tend to be ignored by the media at large including UFO sightings, alien contacts, political conspiracies among others.

Frequency of Publication: weekly

Subscription Instructions: Send e-mail to: with the subject SUBSCRIBE. or visit the sign-up page.

WWW location:

Contact Information:
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Cost: free

E-zine Title: Sam Cooks

E-zine Description: From the site:

It's hard to keep up with all the information out there about food, wine and spirits. I mean, how many magazines can you subscribe to? But you can get great information on food, wine and spirits every week in my newsletter. And it's free!

I'll tell you how to buy, store and cook fruits and vegetables all year long - even in the dead of winter - so you can take advantage of produce at its seasonal peak of flavor, price and nutrition. I'll give you tips for cooking great meals quickly -- in 15 minutes or less. I'll make suggestions for what wine to serve with dinner, a wine that doesn't require a loan from your local banker. And when it comes time to splurge for the holidays, or any other special occasion, I'll tell you about luxuries from caviar to champagne.

Informative and entertaining this newsletter covers cooking tips and recipes from the Web site written by former San Jose Mercury News Food Editor, Sam Gugino. Worth a look if you're interested in new cooking concepts and ideas.

Frequency of Publication: weekly

Subscription Instructions: Visit

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Cost: free

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