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The SeamLess Life

Isuue #16, November 30, 1998

Resilience, Part 2: Are you resilient?

Last week we described Resilience as a spring-back factor. When you're resilient, you recover quickly from changes and apparent set-backs that come your way. Here's a checklist of questions to answer to see just how resilient you are. Answer honestly - after all, a part of being resilient is being able to tell and see the truth.

For each of the questions below, put an answer in the box that best fits your condition:

A = Always True of Me
S = Sometimes True of Me
N = Never or rarely True

  1. I can accomplish tasks I decide are important.
  2. I make room in my life for getting my own Needs met.
  3. I care deeply about me.
  4. I make my own luck.
  5. I can take care of myself.
  6. I can choose safe people to be in my life.
  7. I attract people to support and mentor me.
  8. I feel gratitude for what I have and who I am.
  9. I feel lovable just as I am.
  10. I continue to love myself when I am in love with another.
  11. I feel competent.
  12. I am internally motivated.
  13. When I experience setbacks, I let myself feel my feelings.
  14. When I experience setbacks, I create a plan for what to do next.
  15. I can learn from difficult experiences.
  16. I am internally motivated.
  17. I have an inner optimism.
  18. I feel committed to those things I choose to take on as challenges.
  19. I keep the commitments I make.
  20. I am flexible when I'm required to change my plans.
  21. I commit to things which are essentially good for me and my spirit.
  22. I let go of friends, plans, and commitments which are not good for me and my spirit.
  23. I know what is most important to me in life - I'm clear about my values.
  24. I am aware that I am connected to what is larger than myself, to spirit, however I define that.
  25. I do not make excuses for who I am.
  26. I am flexible and develop new solutions for existing problems.
  27. I feel self-pride.
  28. I can identify help I need and ask people who can give it for assistance.
  29. I see my life now is one part of a larger framework.
  30. I am able to discern the difference between the things I can control and those I can't control.

Total your responses (note: this form is not programmed to tally).

Total Items
Never, Rarely

How did you fare?

If you answered "always" to 25 or more of the items, you are highly resilient.

If you answered "always" or "sometimes" to 25 or more, you have the basis for resilience but need to pay attention to developing more resilience, so you can consistently count on it as a resource.

Coming Attractions!

Next week: suggestions for developing greater resilience.

In the future: "Boundaries"

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