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Tip #19 - February 22, 1999

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Sherry Lowry, MA/MS, M.C.C., is a professional mentor and business coach for executives, business owners, other coaches, psychologists/ therapists, and professionals in transition. She has developed seven businesses, including one non-profit with 20,000 clients. Sherry leads group telephone conferences and trainings with other field experts on marketing with heart, using public speaking in marketing, and for therapists transitioning as coaches. A board member on the International Coach Federation, Sherry is credentialed at their Master Certifed Coach level and participates in the Professional Coaches’ and Mentor’s Association.

Contact Sherry for a complimentary session on The SeamLess Life™ approach or for information on coaching and professional mentoring.

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Tips in Leading the Seamless Life™
#19 - Paving The Way To Profitability

The tip this week is also a request. Please decide if you would like to commit the next 90 days to going for something specifically related to your profitability:

  1. Do you want more profitability ($$) in your bottom-line for the next 90 days?


  2. Would you prefer profitability in the form of more totally free time on your personal calendar?

If you can align around either, will you take a stand for this and practice your related "graceful No's" with us for the upcoming three months? We'll also commit to doing this with you, for ourselves.

Here is some help in getting started.

Profitability: Bottom Line

Decide exactly what profitability looks like for you in your business over this interim. Begin now to gracefully say "No" to every single opportunity, request, and suggestion that comes forward (from staff, client, customer, colleague, and acquaintance) that will not DIRECTLY increase your profitability within 45 days.

However, in the event it IS something you actually would like to explore, leave the door open by extending an invitation to "ask me again in 90 days" and maybe it will be a possibility for you then. Part of the test will be to see who thinks this through enough to reappear asking and who lets it fall by the wayside.

Or - you can use one of the many ideas you've recently generated to say "No" or that we and our readers and contacts have provided in support of your "graceful No" over the past weeks here on The Sideroad.

About the Author:

Diane Menendez, Ph.D., M.C.C., business and life coach, has been a full-time professional coach since 1988. She's coached 350+ executive and professional clients to achieve their goals and, in the process, to create work and lives which are richly satisfying.

Diane's domain name,, is an expression of her belief that, "Your work supports you to thrive when it brings you rich financial rewards and great joy." Yes, that's what she means -- real joy, enough to make your heart dance.

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Profitability: Personal Time

If you decide it's more calendar time that you want to personally open up and reserve for yourself versus profitability, will you mark off NOW what that time is? Write in your own name on that time and declare it sacred! Here's the request: if you have to change that due to other major impinging priorities (and nothing minor) -- will you commit to rescheduling the same quantity/quality of time for yourself within one week?

What we will begin to put into place next in the SeamLess Life™ quest and journey is the relevancy of your personal capacity and willingness to receive.


Tip#20 : The ABC's of Friendship

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