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Tip #5 - July 13, 1998

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Sherry Lowry is a Austin-based business coach who works nationally and internationally with executives, managers, business owners, other coaches, psychologists and therapists. She brings experience to her clients as a founder and developer of 7 businesses, including one non-profit organization, as a consultant and trainer, and professional mentor. Co-leading group telecalls (via regular telephone connection) and telegroup series is a speciality....with other field experts on corporate marketing, using public speaking as a marketing tool, marketing with heart, and offers with Diane Menendez special teleclasses for mental health professionals transitioning as coaches. In 1996, Sherry founded and continues to host The Coaches’ Showcase, a free theme-based telegroup exchange with some of the industry’s most experienced coaches. Also useful is her online collection of The Lowry Notes - free to the public at her WWW site. She holds two traditional graduate degrees and has completed the Coach University curriculum. She is on the Board of International Coach Federation and is a member of Professional Coaches’ and Mentor’s Association and Texas Executive Women.

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Tips in Leading the Seamless Life™
#5 - Pain/Pleasure-Driven Values

Once you've identified your top Values you will be able to more consciously recognize their significance and your ability to live through them or honor them in your daily life. In short, they can lead you to a new perspective on what you allow in your life from this point forward and what you do not.

Your Values work can also take you to a different place with a different view. Ask yourself this: "Is this a Value that is pain-driven for me or pleasure-driven?"

The odds are high ALL of your values will provide one type of benefit for you, or the other - or possibly both. Another valuable question: "Is this a Value that helps me maximize pleasure and enjoyment or is it one that helps me avoid pain or penalty?"

Let's take a concrete example with the Value of: Wellness. One person may live through this value by having a weekly or monthly massage therapy session. However, if a chronic pain condition is 'driving' this then massage may be a pain-driven value-activity. Massage serves as a pain alleviator or pain preventor in this case. Whereas if a person in great physical condition elects to have regularly scheduled massages for the sheer joy of it, then massage would be more of a pleasure-driven or oriented value for that person.

S0oooo -- an interesting exercise could be to take each of your Values you have identified and ask yourself:

  • If you do not get to live through a Pleasure-driven value for some reason that week or month, would you feel a real loss and miss the experience or the good feeling honoring it generates for you?

  • If you fail to live through or honor a Pain-driven Value -- you could have a sense of regret or miss it mildly -- but do you notice more than this?

The question this brings up -- do you want a choice over your values being Pain-driven or Pleasure-driven? (Being SeamLess™ is mostly about choice and option). If you do, here's your chance to elect your preference for the kind of Values you want to make primary for you.


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Diane Menendez, Ph.D., is a business and personal success coach. She has been coaching since 1983 when she began the High Performance Coaching process as an internal staff coach at AT&T. Since 1988 she has coached more than 250 business executives in Fortune 100 companies and has provided leadership for company-wide efforts in executive and leadership development. Menendez’s special niche in executive coaching is providing support to leaders of rapidly changing industries who are committed to transforming their personal leadership styles. She has successfully transferred her skills to work with entrepreneurs, other business owners, family owned business leadership, and non-profit executives and their organizations. She created Results-Focused Leadership Development, an intensive, creative and empowering process that influences and inspires client to fully develop their leadership potential while supporting their company’s mission and goals. Her passions are inspiring the success of family business members, entrepreneurs and therapists and other professionals in transition. Her www domain name,, is an expression of her belief that, “Our work can bring us joy as well as financial rewards.” Yes, that’s what she means -- real joy, enough to make your heart dance.
Contact info: HeartDance, Cincinnati, Ohio USA, 513-474-1137, 1-800-882-9383;
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