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Issue # 34 Monday July 13, 1998

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Charles Loyd McIntosh

In 1997 Charles Loyd McIntosh was a news writer for the Talledega Daily Home (www.dailyhome.com). He was a former reporter for The Western Star in Bessemer (a small city west of Birmingham), Alabama, and a former Sports Editor for the Clanton Advertiser. At the time he was writing for the Sideroad, Loyd was pursuing a Masters in English degree at the University of Montevallo, Alabama. An avid sports fan, soccer is Loyd's sport of choice, one he has been known to coach in the recent past.

"If only we were that vigilant in America about soccer. What a wonderful place it would be."


US Hungry For World Cup?

As the world continues to rotate on its axis, so does the drama that is the World Cup.

If you are a fan of the American team and had high hopes for Lalas and the boys, you were no doubt as disappointed as I. I mean I've written about this for the past three weeks and I'm still quite depressed.

For those of my many of millions of loyal fans who are concerned about my mental health and well being, I can report to you the doctors have allowed me to discontinue wearing the paper clothing. However, they're yet to return my kitchen knives.

As deplorable as was Team US's performance in France, there was some relief last week after Steve Sampson resigned as the head coach of the national team less than seven days after losing to Yugoslavia. It was probably about a year too late, but we'll take it.

Within hours following the loss, news stories began running questions about the future of the native born coach, wondering just how long it would be before he was booted out on his keester.

One report I heard said the US Soccer Federation would not make a decision until August at the earliest. Well, it may not have been August but it felt like Christmas as Sampson resigned his post before he left the continent. I'm almost positive he didn't just wake up and decide, "ya know, I've screwed up soooo royally here in 'gay par-ee', I think I'm gonna do the honorable thing and resign now, instead of embarrassing my country further."

No no. I'm sure it was more like, "quit now or swim home, bud!"

If only we were that vigilant in America about soccer. What a wonderful place it would be.

With this disaster in France, I'm afraid that America's renaissance with the world's game may have been extremely brief. I don't know if we can generate the excitement and intensity that we have been building toward for the past few years.

I had heard predictions that at the team's current rate, the US would win in a World Cup in the next 10 to 15 years. Now, I don't mean to be too doom and gloom, but, realistically a plan is going to have to be put in place and adhered to religiously.

We're going to need to find a coach who is in for the long haul. No more of this dumping a coach after a few months, no more cutting team captains at the last minute and no more bickering. Period!

The whole thing is just so typically American. Egos and personalities getting bent out of shape. But, unlike the Chicago Bulls or Team Brazil, we haven't proved a single thing. Maybe in four years we can draw a tie with Jamaica.

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