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How To Find E-mail Addresses (and Use Them)

There's a fine distinction between targeted mailings and spam.

Targeted mailings can be quite advantageous. Spam, however, is a pretty sure way to destroy your credibility.

Issue # 8

originally posted

Wednesday, Feb. 25, 1998

"Select the names carefully."

You can build a contact list using mail lists, newsgroups, or Web pages.

Spammers do this. They troll the newsgroups, grab the addresses, and create mailing lists with thousands of people. Then they send a message to everyone.

Don't do this.

Select the names carefully. Create more than one list. You might have one with names of people who are interested in advertising. Or people with questions about accounting. Or...

Let’s say you want a bunch of people to know about your services. Or you want to let them know about the new chat area you’ve integrated into your site. Or you want to invite their responses on a burning issue.

If you target your audience carefully, a bulk mailing could be profitable. Use A1 Soft Email Address Extractor to get all the email address from a selected newsgroup. You can download it for free. Registration is $15.00. It’s easy to use in Netscape:

  • Open the newsgroup you want
  • Click on "Edit" in the toolbar.
  • Click "Select All".
  • Click on "File" in the toolbar.
  • Click on "Save Message(s) As" to save into a single html file, say C:\temp\address.html.

"If you target your audience carefully, a bulk mailing could be profitable."
"Some addresses will be duplicated if the person has posted more than once, so be careful."

Then go into the address extractor. Type in (or browse to highlight) the file you want the addresses extracted from. In this case, type in “C:\temp\address\html”. Click on “Extract from file(s)”.

You’ll be presented very quickly with a list of all the email addresses of the people who posted to that newsgroup. Some addresses will be duplicated if the person has posted more than once, so be careful. When you get the address list, click on edit and then sort by name. This way you can easily see (and delete) the duplicates.

You can also extract email addresses from Web pages.

Then when you’re ready to make an announcement, invite comments, or insinuate your way into people’s mailboxes, create a bulk mail list and send out your message.

Be careful. If what you send is perceived as spam, you will likely have a flood of returns and angry mail.

If you're not sure which email lists might be worth your time, take a look at Delphi Internet. They offer an easy-to-read FAQ that makes managing and finding email lists a breeze.

There’s only two pages on Delphi that you need to look at.

The first gives, in table form, a clear set of instructions for how to subscribe to and unsubscribe from any of the 5 kinds of email lists. By itself, this is not news. However, the table’s creators have also included instructions on:

  • locating the archived messages
  • finding out who subscribes
  • temporarily stopping your subscription
  • finding help
  • finding files

The second page of note, helps you easily find email lists of interest. It’s usefulness comes from the 5 databases you can search, in addition to Liszt. There are several advantages to participating in email lists:

  • You can increase your name recognition.
  • You can establish yourself as an expert.
  • You can find prospective recruits based on interests as well as resumes.
  • You can keep an eye on major goings-on in particular fields.
  • You can widen your own network.
And to do all this now, with the help of Delphi’s pages, becomes manageable and painless. All you’ve got to add is the time and inclination.
"All you’ve got to add is the time and inclination."
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By choosing email lists wisely and extracting email addresses to a well-thought out database, you enhance your chances of contacting people who need your services.

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