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How a business vision statement can energize and focus your work.

Why You Need a Business Vision

Remember when you first started your new business? You were excited and raring to go! You printed business cards, you created a business name and decided how much money you wanted to make. Then there was the honeymoon period. You were excited to get out of bed in the morning, get to your computer, make those appointments and follow up with new clients.

Then you found yourself tired, cranky and discouraged with the way things were going:fewer and fewer appointments, less energy and even less enjoyment with what your business is.

What happened?

What happened is that you did not have a vision for your business. What is a business vision and why do you need one, you ask? A business vision is how your business not only impacts you, but also the world. With a business vision everything you do each and every day supports you to go forward, achieve what you want, yet still benefit others.

Simple visions are the best.
The easier they are to communicate to someone, the more essential they become to you and your business. You need a vision to be more effective, more desirable and more attractive to your clients or customers. Clarity is the key in a simple vision. Yet, a simple vision can be very profound.

Remember Mother Teresa? She just wanted to help the poor, and she ultimately became a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. It all started with a simple vision: easy to communicate to others and her willingness to do whatever it took to get her vision seen and heard by others.

So will you. You too will get your vision heard and seen by others.

Joanne's Vision Gem
"With a true business vision, all your decisions are easily made, because all your decisions are in alignment with your vision."

"What Am You Going to Do Today?"
When you wake up and get out of bed and ask yourself, "What am I going to do today?" the existence of a business vision reduces this ever-present stressful question.

Everything you do, the people you talk to, the clients you attract are all a result of your vision. Why? You have strategies to support your vision.

The more powerful and vivid the Vision, the more opportunities occur to create the strategies to build your business success.

Real Vision is about the Dream: it is what you truly want your business to be. Vision with a Capital V™ is about the impact your business will have on your community, the world and your life.

It is about the relationship with yourself, of how you see yourself.

It is how you want your business to be seen by others.

The value of having a vision is to know what difference you can make in peoples' lives.

Stop thinking small and start thinking big. Why?

Joanne's Vision Gem:
"You will never have the professional and personal success you desire unless you have a far-reaching vision for your business and your life."

Remember, to keep your life and business a success, a vision is vital. A clearly defined business vision will consistently support you to get out of bed each and every day with a purpose in mind. Create your business vision, a Vision With a Capital V, and see your life expand.

Joanne Victoria, owner of New Directions in Sausalito, CA, speaks to associations, organizations and professional practice owners on building their business while staying true to who they really are. She is the author of Lighting Your Path! - How To Create the Life You Want. and Vision With a Capital V- Create the Business of Your Dreams. Her Web site is at

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