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Ten reasons why you need to stay in touch with customers after a sale.

Why You Need To Stay In Touch With Customers

Once the sale is made it is easy to get caught up focusing completely on new sales prospects. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to stay in touch with customers.

1. You'd like them to buy from you again.

2. You would like feedback on your product/service.
If the feedback is negative it is best to deal with it directly with the customer. If the customer is unhappy he is apt to complain to others. That certainly can't be good for business. Listen to the customer and find a way to resolve your differences amicably.

3. You would like the customer to give you a testimonial.
Once you know you have satisfied the customer ask for the testimonial. Testimonials are great to have for potential customers.

4. You would like to get referrals from the customer.
Once the customer is satisfied with you and your product or service ask for referrals. As you continue to contact the customer remind him or her that you would welcome referrals.

5. You would like to understand an issue from the customer's perspective.
Sometimes customers see things very differently from what you expected. It is good to have customers you can call on to give you a complete picture.

6. You would like to learn all the ways your customer benefits from your product or service.
Knowing this might help you make some additional sales.

7. You want ideas about other products and services you could add to your current list of products and services.
If you want to grow your business one way to do it is to sell a new product or service to the same target market. Is there a complimentary product or service you could be offering?

8. You may have a request from a prospective customer to talk to one of your current customers.
A sale could be at stake here. You want the customer to say positive things! If you have stayed in touch and know the customer is satisfied, you'll feel confident sending a prospect to the customer.

9. You would like to develop a friendly relaxed relationship with the customer so that the customer is comfortable discussing problems with or ideas for your product or service with you.
Sometimes as the customer uses your product or service they find problems or get ideas that they didn't have when the product or service was new. Those ideas never get shared unless the vendor keeps in contact and asks how the product or service is serving the customer now.

10. You want to increase the loyalty the customer feels toward you and your product or service.
Loyalty keeps the customer buying!

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