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Tips on using blogs for corporate marketing

Business Blogs and Publicity: How to Get Results

Five years ago, blogs didn't even register on the national media radar. Today, blogs are part of the traditional media landscape that tech marketers must navigate. More than 2 million blogs have become influential ways for journalists to find story ideas -- and for companies to create casual dialogues with target audiences. Here are three tips on using blogs as part of your corporate marketing efforts:

Monitor What's Being Written
Every corporate marketer knows that taking the pulse of those who shape your brand image is a priority. Now add bloggers to the long list of "must watch" targets. Those charged with protecting their companies' reputations should keep tabs on industry-related blogs and also consider ways to gain valuable publicity from them. For PR professionals, many media and marketing blogs exist that can help you gauge what's being written online. Boing Boing digests the contents of other blogs and traditional media worldwide and comments on it.

Pitch to Get Coverage
Even journalists are blogging. Scan your company's media list of targets and research if any of them are writing blogs. By reading their blogs regularly, you will learn the issues that are important to them. This is critical information you can use to help formulate your next pitch. Consumer electronics and tech companies in Orange County, Calif., should take note of Tamara Chuang's blog -- she's a tech reporter with The Orange County Register and also writes The Gadgetress Blog.

Create a Blog to Promote Expertise
Many authors, speakers and consultants can create their own blogs as a way to become recognized as experts in their fields. Even corporate executives are blogging to discuss industry trends, give follow-up information after a conference or speaking engagement, or comment on product or service developments. Plus, we're seeing companies use blogs to let their personalities shine through that entire Sarbanes-Oxley-mandated glut of regulations.

Cara Good is the co-founder and president of WunderMarx Inc., a fast-growing international public relations, marketing and branding firm representing some of the world's most innovative technologies and ideas. She has been quoted and featured in numerous articles on entrepreneurialism, public relations and marketing, and speaks frequently on these topics. For more information visit

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