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Persistence in marketing means having a strategy to connect with your prospect multiple times and in multiple ways.

Persistence Pays When Marketing Your Business

As a chemistry teacher many years ago I instructed my students to heat iron filings and sulfur. Each time they did the result was exactly the same -iron sulfide. Wouldn't it be nice if marketing worked the same way? Then all the career and business tips I write would work immediately. Network at a meeting one evening and the next morning tons of potential new clients or employers call you. That would be wonderful and my clients would love it! So would I!

I talk to dozens of people every month who are doing career searches or practice building. The single biggest expectation is that the result will be immediate and when it isn't the person just stops the activity. "Oh networking doesn't work for me. I go to a meeting, hand out lots of business cards, and no one ever calls."

The thing about marketing is that it isn't fast and it also isn't that predictable. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone. Finding what works for you is the important part.

Finding and using your own unique marketing strategy is often done by trial and error. Because there may be errors before success, this can be discouraging and scary. Having a coach, mentor or colleague to work with will keep you focused and upbeat during the process.

There are also many variables when it comes to networking. What event do you choose to go to? How do you identify the people you want to meet? What do you say when you meet them? How do you make sure you can continue the conversation if you want to?

Bob Berg in his book titled Endless Referrals says that people do business with people they "know, like and trust". What about you? How do you or would you make buying or hiring decisions?

Business decisions usually involve money - your own or someone else's. To justify the decision you will have to believe whatever is presented by the person making the offer. Certainly knowing, liking and trusting that person plays a big part. Some of us make decisions quickly. Others take time to make up their minds.

So what can you do to speed the process? Think about it. What makes you want to do business with someone? For me there are many answers. It could be continual exposure to the person or company. Sometimes it is seeing that the person has expertise through writings or presentations. At other times it may be a testimonial from a friend or person you respect. Often it is some combination of these.

Once you have met a prospect the next step is up to you. Use your creativity to come up with marketing tools and techniques that make you memorable and trusted. There may be methods that suit you more than others. You also may notice some methods work better for you than others.

The point is that to find the group of marketing methods that work for you, you must stick with it. You want to meet lots of prospects. Not all of them will be interested in you or your product or service. The step after "meet lots of prospect" is have them get to know you better so that eventually they do feel comfortable doing business with or hiring you.

Take Action

1. Review the networking groups you attend. Go to a meeting with the intention of meeting one or two who will be good potential clients or referral sources for you.

2. Find a new networking group to try. Make sure it is a good place to meet potential clients or referral sources. Go to a meeting.

3. Make a list of the marketing methods you enjoy. Think about your current prospects. Use some of these methods to close the business or get a job offer.

Alvah Parker is a Practice Advisor for attorneys and Career Transition Coach as well as publisher of Parker's Points, an email tip list and Road to Success, an ezine. To subscribe send an email to join-roadtosuccess@ Parker's Value Program � enables clients to find a way to work that is more fulfilling and profitable. She is both a Practice Advisor and Coach to attorneys, sole practioners, and works with people in transition to find a fulfilling career. Alvah is found on the web at She may also be reached at 781-598-0388.

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