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If you don't live your life well now, why do you think it would improve if your circumstances change for the better?

Living Life Better

People generally believe that if they were luckier, won a million dollars, stumbled into the person of their dreams and woke up one morning stunningly beautiful and talented to boot, their life would be better. In other words they would have the ‘life of their dreams’ and like all good fairy tales, they would live happily ever after.

All you have to do is read newspapers, magazines or watch television to see the fallacy of this belief in action. How many celebrities get their shot at the brass ring and sabotage their career, relationships and often their very lives?

If you don’t know how to live your life particularly well now, why would you suddenly know how when circumstances outside of you change?

What would it look like if you were 'Better At Living? You would:

  1. Accept responsibility for the way your life is now and for what happens to you

  2. Focus clearly on what you want from your life, and take the time to determine the intention or purpose is behind everything you do, think and say

  3. Look at the results that you are currently getting and isolate those behaviours that are getting in your way

  4. Realize that you have a positive intention for yourself in everything that you do, figure out what that is for those problem behaviours, and meet that positive intention in a more empowering way.

  5. Know that the person who has the most choices in every situation, wins. Stand back, calm down, determine what you want, and carefully choose your best choice.

  6. Accept that you can only create lasting change by choosing to see your world differently, and using different filters to interpret it.

  7. Learn to change limiting beliefs that are at the root of those problem behaviours.

  8. Look for the gifts in what you may perceive as life's failures, search for the lessons and learn from them.

  9. Program into your mind the results that you want in life and think the thoughts that will create it for you.

  10. Choose what and how you communicate to yourself and others, based on the results that you want.

  11. Choose the state of mind that will offer you the best resources available, in every situation.

  12. Support your personal change through self management. Realize that your mind and body are all part of the same system. Flush the toxins out of every aspect of your life - substances, relationships, emotions, or activities in order to have the necessary resources to maintain your new life.

If you were 'Better At Living', you would focus on making changes on the inside so regardless of outside events, other people's behaviours or circumstances, you would not be affected and would still be living your best life. Stuff happens to everyone, it is what you do with it that counts. That is when you live your best life.

Lesley Cordero's mission is to significantly change people's lives by helping them to 'see things differently'. Cordero Consulting offers personal growth solutions in the form of workshops, keynote presentations, and Internet information resources. As a professional speaker, she has designed and delivered workshops, and keynote presentations to thousands of people internationally. Lesley has a background in education, is a trainer in Personality Type Indicators (True Colours, Personality Dimensions), a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and a Process Consultant. Subscribe to her free ezine "Deep Linking" at www.LesleyCordero.com and begin to connect with what is really important in your life. Are you ready to 'see things differently?'�

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