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How to visualize your goals to make them happen.

Visualizing Your Goals

Imagine getting exactly what you want ...

You have just created the business of your dreams. Visualize your new office space. In your mind's eye see your bank balance grow miraculously. You can hear your colleagues brainstorming new ideas and the excitement in their voices is contagious. You feel enormous gratitude and yes, why not ... pride for what you have been able to accomplish and in such a short period of time. You can taste success and it is sweet!

In a movie that I recently rented, Wilem Dafoe explained to Robert Redford how you could do something that may at first glance seem impossible. He explained that you start by visualizing it, breaking it down to the smallest detail. You do this over and over, acting `as if' what you want has already happened or is a foregone conclusion.

This is the beauty of the `as if' frame in action! The `as if' frame helps you project yourself into the outcome that you really want to achieve. It identifies the sensory-specific evidence of success. In other words, what you will see, hear, feel, perhaps even taste and smell once you have achieved your outcome. You act `as if' what you want has already happened.

Your brain has to give meaning to things. Frames form part of the system of filters through which you represent things internally. They act as mental defaults or templates that organize the billions of sensory messages you continually process. The frame you set determines the way you look at things. If you pay attention to the principle of `what you think is what you get', you have the choice to make your life more of what you really want it to be. Especially if you can imagine it, using all of your senses.

Determine one outcome that you would really like to achieve. It could be meeting the person of your dreams, finding the right partner for a project, losing forty pounds, quitting smoking, buying a new house or any other dream you may have that you believe is slightly out of your reach. Imagine that you are already successful ... see it, hear it, feel the emotions attached to it, even find tastes and smells associated to you outcome, if you can.

They say if you want a million dollars, you have to look a million. I am suggesting that it wouldn't hurt to also hear, smell, feel and taste like a million too!

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