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Practical, everyday advice for keeping your mind healthy and happy.

Tips for a Healthy and Happy Mind

If we are lucky we will see more than 27,000 days. We spend a good portion of these days caring for, considering and supporting our physical body... getting enough sleep, eating right, staying active, drinking water, scheduling regular medical check ups, brushing and flossing, taking vitamins and caring for our skin, hair and nails. But, what have you done to care for your mind today? You've heard the saying, "You are what you eat." I say...

You Are What You Think!
The amount of time you spend reveling in wonderful moments of joy, contentment, inspiration, laughter, love and learning... will be directly proportional to your health, happiness, success, satisfaction, productivity and fulfillment!

Maintain a healthy outlook through the power of a positive thought!

1. Cleanse the Soul.
For the same reason you wouldn't go a week without a shower, you shouldn't keep a week's worth of mind clutter stored up in your grey matter. Do easy meditations daily in the shower to clear your mind, open yourself up to new opportunities and prepare for a simply fantastic day!

2. Brush Up.
Do a daily affirmation twice each day in the morning and at night when you are brushing your teeth. Say it aloud through toothpaste suds or silently in your mind, "I am masterfully creating my ultimate life. Success and health (or sub in what you desire) comes naturally to me."

3. Be Active.
Don't just stand around and let life happen to you. Every time you walk to the car, think about tiny actions you could take to move you closer to achieving what you truly desire. Keep a notebook to jot them down before you start up the engine. Watch each baby step start to exponentially propel your life forward.

4. Dress Up.
Just as you might think ahead or lay out your wardrobe for an important meeting or date, prepare your mind for important events. Focus on how you want to feel and set your intentions and be very specific on what you'd like to accomplish.

5. Buckle Up For Safety.
It's the law. Expect that you will experience life mishaps, tragedy, injury and unfairness. You can safeguard against emotional distress by getting in touch with your true self. Choose how you want to feel, how you would like to handle difficult situations and think before you let fear, worry or panic creep in. It's your choice.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

6. Preventative Prescription.
A vitamin a day keeps the self doubt away. Honor yourself and recognize all that you are. When something has gone well, applaud yourself and enjoy it! Don't dwell on what you could have done to improve it or what you would do differently next time. We all make mistakes. Learn and grow from them but remember to enjoy and relish in even your smallest achievements too!

7. Bless Your Meals.
Just as you might say grace or spend an extra moment going around the Thanksgiving table to express what you are thankful for, find the good in your life and be thankful for it. Adopt an attitude of gratitude at dinner time.

8. Sleep Tight.
Take your last waking moments before you drift off to sleep to focus on something that inspires you. Read inspiring literature, listen to soothing music or breathe in a delightful aroma. You will feel happier and wake up more content when you close your day with inspiring thoughts and feelings.

Use the daily rituals that you normally spend taking care of your body to also care for your mind. How important is your physical shell if you don't have a sharp, positive, encouraging and affirming mind to perfectly blend with it? Fill your mind with hopeful, positive and uplifting thoughts and you will bring about more success, abundance, health and happiness.

Your days are numbered so fill them with more joy, smiles, fun and simple happy essentials that you can stream into your life.

Julie Hunt is a female icon and founder of SHE, the foremost inspiration and personal development resource for women who want to live brilliant, happy, successful lives. Marketing consultant, sales expert, copywriting guru, improvisational actress, yoga instructor, author and just plain cool chick... she's an inspiration to oodles of women who land every week on 'The Essentials', the teleclass series everyone is raving about! Julie is on a mission to scream, skip, advise and acquaint with women around the globe who want live a vivacious life busting at the seams! For more information, visit www.shesite.com

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