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Paul Cherry
for Sales Techniques for the New Year

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Jill Konrath
Top Sales Article of the MONTH
September, 2008
for Effective Cold Calling: Lessons Learned
Dana Bristol-Smith
Top Sales Article of the Week
June, 2008 (Week 2)
for How to Become a Professional Speaker
Dave Stein
Top Sales Article of the Week
April, 2008 (Week 3)
for How Winners Prospect
Laura Posey
Top Sales Article of the Week
February, 2008 (week 2)
for Why Sales Is NOT A Numbers Game
Paul Cherry
Top Sales Article of the month,
January 2008
for Sales Techniques for the New Year
Steve Waterhouse
Top Sales Article of the Week
January, 2008 (Week 4)
for Effective Prospecting Makes For Easier Sales
Updated December 16, 2008
Robert F. Abbott – Evaluations Improve Your Performance
Angela Moore –PR Strategies That Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan
CJ Hayden – Cold Call Marketing
Dan Coughlin – Innovate The Customer Experience to Ignite Sales
Terri Levine – The Difference Between A Coach and a Consultant
Robert F. Abbott – Evaluations Improve Your Performance
Beverley Hamilton – Business Consultants: Are You An Actor Or Director?
Anne M. Obarski – Earning Customer Trust
Kevin Eikenberry – Seven Lessons to Learn from Great Salespeople
Dave Stein – Sales Success through Self Branding
Susan Friedman – Great Customer Service: The Ten Commandments
Dana Bristol-Smith – How You Say It Is NOT More Important Than What You Say
Kevin Eikenberry – The Power Of Gratitude
Denise Landers – Dealing With The Procrastinator
Kristin J. Arnold – Facilitator Training
Wendy Weiss – Appointment Setting Tip: Use Power Language
Wendy Weiss – Warm Calls Versus Cold Calls
Greg Blysniuk – Sales Compensation Programs Increase Productivity
Wendy Weiss – Cold Calling and Relationship Building
Kelley Robertson – Boost Sales Instantly
Richard Fouts – Are You Customer-Centric?
Susan Friedman – Great customer Service: The Ten Commandments
Scott Ginsberg – 23 Powerful Phrases
Cheryl Cran – Motivate Your Team
Bill Caskey – Five Tools To Help You Control The Sales Process
C.J.Hayden – Referral Partners
Mac McIntosh – How To Choose A Sales Leads Company
C.J.Hayden – Prospect to Client Conversion: Your Mindset is the Key
Tessa Stowe – After A Prospect Becomes A Client
Anne M. Obarski – Consistent Customer Service
Robert M. Felber – Business Networking Tips
Don McNamara – Sales Management Strategy
Anne M. Obarski – Selling The Sizzle
Dave Stein – Sales Success Through Self Branding
Will Turner – Sales Professionals: Are You Confident Or Cocky?
Mac McIntosh – The B2B Sales Lead Checklist
Laura Posey – Should You Ask for Referrals
Al Uszynski – Persuasive Communication
Tessa Stowe – Close More Sales With The ‘Hidden Treasure’
Steve Waterhouse – Effective Prospecting Makes For Easier Sales
Mark Dembo – Business Networking And Effective Prospecting
Mark Dembo – Beat the Competition
Michael Schatzki – The Power of 1% Negotiation

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