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How to apply make-up for photography sessions.

Make Up For Photography

Photography make up is slightly different from daily make up applications. Here are some pointers –


  • Use natural lighting – for example, near a big window with lights coming in

  • If photography is taking place outdoors, do so around 4pm to 5pm, when the sun is about to set. Soft lighting makes a person better

    Preparing the face:

  • Wash, exfoliate, tone and moisturize your face before applying make up

  • Oil control is very important. If you can, use oil free formulated products

  • Keep hair away from the face

  • To reduce puffy eyes, use Preparation H


  • Choose a thicker formulated foundation rather than the sheers ones that are used in daily applications so that all blemishes are covered easily

  • Blend foundation from chin to neck so that they are of the same colour

  • Powder: Use lots of it, and reapply between shots, to create a mat finish look


  • 2 shades lighter than skin to cover blemishes and dark spots; apply before foundation application

  • Contour cheeks and eyes to create a sculpted look

  • Use foundation in a shade that is 2 to 3 shades darker than normal skin tone


  • Highlight eyebrow bones using light shadow to create lively eyes

  • Avoid eyeshadow that is too frosty or shimmery – it’ll appear shiny

  • Apply eyeliner with precision

  • Use waterproof mascara

  • Overall application needs to be than normal make up


  • Use lipstick and liner of same colour, in a shade darker than natural lip colour

    Noelle Wong holds an honours business degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, a certificate in Image Consulting from George Brown College, and certificate in Advanced Colour Analysis from the International Image Institute. Her broad range experiences include working for CIBC in marketing, general manager of a computer wholesaler and running her own skin care product company, which added to her deep understanding of how personal image affects people. For more information, visit

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