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What does your brand promise to do, each and every time you engage with a customer?

Brand Promise

What do you promise to do each and every time you engage with a customer? Follow three simple rules and you’ll lead the pack with a brand that delivers.

Rule #1: Make few commitments, keep every one of them.
If you live up to your promise, you create happy customers that become good success stories.

Good stories are gold because they provide brand evidence. Some marketers call them proof points. Whatever you call them, remember the first rule of brand promise. Commit to that which you can deliver. Only then will you keep your promise each and every time.

Be specific. Try to avoid delivery terms like “three to five days.” Pick a number and stick to it. Or pick worse case scenario and exceed the customer’s expectations.

Rule #2: Memorize at least three success stories.
When you articulate your brand promise on a sales call your prospects will say, “prove it.” Pretend all your clients are from Missouri, the “show me” state. Be able to show them where you lived up to your brand – and how you delivered spectacular results.

Rule #3: Get bulletproof business processes in place.
Good brands are supported by underlying processes that deliver the promise. Nordstrom’s return policy (a big part of their brand) is legendary because each and every employee gets it, knows it, loves it and lives it.

Don’t leave your brand promise to chance. Invest in processes that fulfil your brand promise, every single time. Remember, a brand promise isn’t based on “we’ll try.” Leading brands keep their promise realistic and fair, but they always deliver.

Richard Fouts helps you tell your story. Using his techniques, your entire organization becomes rapidly equipped to engage in conversations about your products and services in more intimate ways. You spend less time developing your communications and more time acquiring and satisfying customers.

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