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Grooming tips for men and women that will help them project a professional image.

Grooming Tips To Project A Professional Image

When people think about image, they think fashion, style, what’s in, what’s out. The truth is, image is not only about fashion. It’s about clothing, grooming, verbal and non-verbal communication – and how these parts can be put together to communicate your intention clearly. Since you are likely to receive news about fashion trends from magazines and TV shows, I will share with you in this article grooming tips instead, specifically for the face and head – details that people may not think too much about, but do affect your image greatly. Many little details put together become a general picture about a person – whether a person is powerful, wealthy, sexy, spiritual, or not.

Let’s start with the nose.
Make sure the nostrils are clean before you step out of the door. If you have allergies, keep tissues and a pocket mirror with you always.

Facial hair.
It is fine for men to have facial hair, as long as the hair is neatly trimmed, and free of debris. Make sure it is of a shape that complements the face. Think about the message your hair is communicating. Facial hair on a woman, however, is not a pleasant sight, as it is not associated with being feminine. I have seen too many women with a soft moustache. Pluck them. Wax them off. Shave them. You want people to see you and listen to you, not distracted by your hair.

Keep the hair on your head clean.
It seems so simple, wash it when it is dirty. But so many people have been bought by the myth of not washing the hair every day to keep them from falling out, or that daily washing is too drying for the hair. Different people have different needs – some need to wash their hair daily; some twice a week. Run your fingers through your hair. If it’s not silky smooth, it’s time for a wash.

Now comes the breath.
It is not as simple as popping into your mouth a breath mint or gum. I’m sure you have experienced someone talking to you with bad breath covered with mint – the bad breath is still detectable. The breath mint and gum are bad camouflage. Bad breath has much to do with the body’s condition. If your body is healthy, your breath is clean. Vice versa. Some foods may cause bad breath. So, when you are to meet someone important, cut down your intake of sugar, dairy and white bread. Do make sure you eat something though, as hunger may cause bad breath as well. It doesn’t hurt to brush your teeth and tongue before going to an important meeting.

All in all, take care of the little details of grooming. Who you are comes through not only from your words, but also how you look.

Noelle Wong holds an honours business degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, a certificate in Image Consulting from George Brown College, and certificate in Advanced Colour Analysis from the International Image Institute. Her broad range experiences include working for CIBC in marketing, general manager of a computer wholesaler and running her own skin care product company, which added to her deep understanding of how personal image affects people. For more information, visit

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