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Here are six important requirements you need to get the best logo design.

The Best Logo Design

So, you’ve decided to hire a design firm to create a new logo for your company or product. You just tell them what colors you like and let them go off and “be creative”, right? Wrong! You’re an integral part of this process – both in the beginning and throughout the logo design selection process. As the client, you have six important requirements you need to meet in order to get a great, stand-out-from-the-crowd new logo.

Requirement #1:
You should demand that your logo be based on market-oriented strategy, not personal preferences (yours, the CEO’s or the designer’s), company politics or “flavor-of-the-month” design. What will best attract, impress, intrigue and convince your target market? That’s where your logo design should start. That means you have a big responsibility to share your company’s goals, mission, future plans, positioning, target markets and other vital information with your design team.

Requirement #2:
You believe that your logo is the epitome of your “Brand,” and thus it must be distinctive, relevant to your consumer and a true reflection of your product(s).

Requirement #3:
If you’re not the boss, you insist that your CEO be involved from the very start. Because your logo is a graphic representation of your company vision, the top “envisioner” must provide the seeds of thought that will become your logo. Besides, anyone who can kill a logo idea later needs to be present at its birth.

Requirement #4:
You believe that your logo should not describe you… it should distinguish you.

Requirement #5:
You wouldn’t even consider employee voting to choose a logo because you understand that it only provides you with the lowest common denominator consensus. The worst kind of design decision-making is the “cafeteria survey.” Your in-house culture is not reflective of the way your customers and prospects will experience your brand. Internal preferences will only give you in-bred and current-day thinking. It’s great to get internal feedback; but logo design is not a popularity contest.

Requirement #6:
You believe in your own vision. Don’t expect unanimous consensus when you unveil your new logo. Some will love it; some will hate it. Some simply hate change, period. The most enduring logos of our time didn’t “make sense” when they first were unveiled. (Think Apple or Nike.) And remember, discussion = attention.

Beth Wampler has more than 22 years experience in marketing and advertising, including the last 14 as the Owner and Creative Director of AOR, Inc. in Denver, CO. AOR stands for “Agency OFF Record,” which is a mutant hybrid between a boutique design firm and a strategic ad agency. Her expertise is in helping business owners and managers define their brand, develop marketing plans, ad campaigns, lead generation and sales incentive programs. Check out AOR’s work and slightly twisted philosophy of marketing at, or sign up today for AOR’s Free Marketing Ideas Newsletter

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