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An easy guide to installing a video card in your computer.

How to Install a Video Card

Having the knowledge to maintain, fix, and upgrade any computer is first rewarding in itself. You know the ins and outs of every part of your system and can make your own repairs

Having the most up to date video quality is without a doubt the number three upgrade consideration. Upgrading the Hard Drive and RAM Memory are in front of all others.


After choosing the video card that you know is compatible with your monitor, open the system unit after the system is turned off, unplugged, and all peripherals are disconnected.

You may want to lay the system unit on its side for easier access to the empty expansion bays. Locate the empty AGP Slot to insert the video card and remove the cover plate at the rear of the case with a screwdriver. Save the screw to secure the card later.

Before removing the new card from its protective wrap, ground yourself to remove any and all electrical static charge from your body. Now you can carefully and firmly inserted the card into the Accelerated Graphics Port.

Aligned the card in the port and slowly but firmly pushed the card in the AGP Port. You may use a slight rocking back and forth motion to seat the card in the port.

Check to be sure it has been pushed all the way in the slot for a solid connection. Secure the card to the case with the screw you saved from the cover plate earlier.

Check and double check your installation process before replacing the cover onto the system unit case. With the cover replaced, reconnect peripherals and turn on the computer.

Check to be sure the Monitor is connected to the correct connector at the rear of the system unit. While this may sound rather simple, its possible to make the wrong connection. Look for the connector that is color coded with a monitor icon found on the rear of newer systems.

The operating system should detect the new video card and install the device driver software that will allow the card to talk to the computer. A cdrom should have come with the new card with the device drivers and other useful software.

And you should now be able to experience the ultimate in crisp, clear quality graphics on your monitor. Its that easy to install and setup your video card.

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